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Thermogroup 15 Years
It is an honour to have reached our 15 year company milestone!

It has been an incredible journey which has only been possible through the support of loyal customers such as yourself.

Reflecting on our journey there are many significant milestones and memories that have become part of who we are today...

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Thermorail RRT Operation Drought Relief

Thermogroup is participating in providing direct relief for the farmers and livestock in drought-affected areas of NSW.

In response to the NSW Government’s recent announcement that 100 per cent of the state is now drought impacted, the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) and Angus Taylor MP, Member for Hume, hav...
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Thermogroup has the solution for having a dry cupboard for hanging damp clothes, wardrobes, pantries, engine rooms and more.  Reduce dampness in your cupboard or small areas all year round - rain, hail or shine!

Drying Cupboard Heat Tubes Cupboard Heater

The tubular cupboard heater is mounted inside the cupboard and comes fitted with a 3 pin ...

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Australia Winter 2018

Headlines are beaming it everywhere-

"Winter is coming: Perth's long summer to hit a wet and windy end"
"Parts of South Australia experienced their lowest May temperature in more than a decade on Wednesday morning."
"Cold mornings gripping southern Queensland this weekend as front moves north"

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Underfloor Heating is widely used throughout homes as the most efficient and comfortable heating method. The heat from the floor radiates, efficiently heating the room without any drafts. The two systems that can be used to create this luxury are electric and hydronic systems. This results in the qu...

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With the bathroom being well recognised as the coldest room in the home, bathroom heating options are an important consideration! As the place where most of us start and end our day, we want the bathroom to be warm and luxurious; because there is nothing worse than making that hard step out of the w...

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The Complete Guide to Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails enhance the bathroom experience and allow us to enjoy the luxury of warm towels. This whitepaper will guide you through all you need to know about heated towel rails from the selection right through to the installation.

Click below to find ou...

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There are many home remedies and mixtures used to prevent fogging mirrors, however among vinegar solutions, shaving cream, shampoo and Vaseline, not every solution will work for every person.

Finally there is a simple yet proven method of preventing mirrors fogging up in bathrooms, using a small heat...

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Towel rails are no longer a luxury, but are now becoming even more commonly seen in bathrooms as an inexpensive way to transform bathrooms.

A range of towel rails are available to allow full flexibility with your bathroom design.

12 Volt towel rails are safe for use in wet areas, due to the low voltag...

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Bathrooms are no longer only a functional room in the house, but are now seen as the ideal place to make a design statement. The Australian Housing Industry Association (HIA) has projected in 2017 322,700 new bathroom installations are to be undertaken, along with an expected pool of around 21...

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The Complete Guide To Underfloor Heating

Whether you’ve never installed electric underfloor heating before it or done it plenty of times, this whitepaper will guide you through everything you need to know to arrive at beautiful floors. As well as allowing you to enjoy the luxury of warm floors, under...

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Step-by-Step Guide to Under Floor Heating

OK, so you’ve decided that floor heating is the most efficient way to heat your home. Good choice!

Electric underfloor heating is usually installed on top of a concrete or timber substrate, underneath your desired floor finish. A layer of insulation under the...

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Why InScreed?

In screed heating systems are extremely versatile in their application as they are suitable for use with any floor covering. Putting a screed over the heating system before tiling also ensures there is minimal risk of damage and a flat surface onto which the floor finish can be installe...

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What is Multiflex?

Multiflex wiring refers to the range of different wiring options that are available within the one rail. This allows the wiring connection point to be decided at the time of installation. The rail can be wired from any four of the mounting points, and can also be exposed (plug in) ...

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Releasing the New Thermorail 12V Single Bar Heated Towel Rail styles!

The New DSC6 Square Profile and Curved Corner Rail is perfect to create a design statement using multiple rails!

or... for more creativity, try the Black Round DSR6B for the Modern twist!


Why Choose Jeeves Heated Towel Rails?

here's why...

Thermogroup is the exclusive Australian distributor of the Jeeves Heated Towel Rail Range. Jeeves Heated Towel Rails are South African manufactured liquid filled heated towel rails controlled by Jeeves Automatic Heating Technology (AHT). Unique to Je...

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The New Thermogroup 2017 Product Guide!





Click the link to view the New Thermogroup 2017 Priced Product Guide!

View the 2017 Thermogroup Product Guide here!

This is sure to be useful in helping to find the perfect heating solutions for your home and bathrooms!

See what's New:-

Page 2-                  ...

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Jeeves - Tangent L

When it comes to buying a heated towel rail, you may find yourself faced with a lot of choices: different sizes, different shapes as well as a choice between chrome and stainless steel. While a stainless steel and chrome heated towel rail are similar in looks, they each have their own unique differe...

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Black Shaving Mirrors

Thermogroup has released a new range of Black Shaving Mirrors in Square and Round

With the bathroom trend of black, Thermogroup is the first to provide black shaving mirrors to complement your bathroom. With both a round and square option with and without lights you can ensure your bathroom looks the...

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Using the correct insulation board is vital for an efficient electric underfloor heating system as it minimises downward heat loss and reduces your running costs by as much as 50%!

Uncoated boards for concrete substrates and under tile heating

uncoated Econoboard

Econoboard uncoated insulation boards are specially develo...

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Did you know most bathroom heating is actually ineffective.....

Having a radiator in your bathroom only provides limited heat. Building regulations require bathrooms to have an extractor fan, as soon as the fan is turned on heat convected from your radiator is sucked out through the vent.

Heated towel...

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different floor finishesThings to consider when purchasing an electric underfloor heating system:

1. Which floor finishes are compatible?

Underfloor heating is compatible with most floor finishes including:

Stone, ceramic and porcelain

floor finishes are perfect for electric underfloor heating because they have a high thermal ...

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Thank you to all those that have supported the Thermogroup Cancer council support so far this year.

We have raised $405.00 so far - just over half way to our target.

Check out the biggest morning tea website or Thermogroup's team email address to donate!


cancer council

Did you know Thermogroup does black Ladder rails and single bar black rails?

Looking for something different and unique to finish of your bathroom. Take a look at our stylish modern black range, whether you need it square, round or single bar we will have something to suit your need; still giving you...

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Why not consider under floor heating!

Thermonet under floor heating is designed to go directly under the tiles, either with a thin screed on top or in the tile adhesive. It can be installed under the screed but will take longer to warm up but by the same token will retain the heater for longer. This ...

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Thermogroup has recently undertaken an exciting project at the Griffith New Dog pound - installing Thermoduo in-slab floor heating

Now doesn't that sound amazing!

Want to care for your family as well as the Griffith City Council cares for their dogs?


But don't want in-slab heating? We have th...

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Vario PRO

Uncoupling Membranes for Tiled Floor Finishes

Vario PRO is fast track electric underfloor heating system that creates a comfortable warm room as well as providing a stable, bonded tiled floor that is not vulnerable to uncoupling. The Vario ProMat membrane is laid over the entire floor surface and the...

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Will the Towel Rail heat the Bathroom?

Whilst some warmth is added to the room, Thermorail towel rails are designed as a towel warmer only and won't heat your entire room.

What is the Heat up Time on my Towel Rail

An electric towel rail will take 5 minutes to start getting warm and within approximately...

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Introducing.....TF1000 Fan Heater, Replacing the TF2000*

  • Fixed Wall mounted fan heater
  • White Easy-clean Glossy Surface
  • Hidden Controls on the side of the Product
  • Integrated Adjustable Room Thermostat
  • Frost Protection Setting
  • Extremely Low-Noise Level
  • 60 Minute Timer Boost Function

RRP - $249.00 Incl GST


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Not sure how to chose the right system for your application? Below will outline and help you make the right decision - if you are still having difficulty please ring 1300 368 631 and talk to one of our friendly helpful staff members!

Under Tile Heating

Thermonet Thermonet is a mat system designed to go directly...

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Be in control of your rail

Free ET12C timer with any Thermorail purchased between 21/3/2016 - 31/3/2016. Normal RRP $69.00


ET12C Free

Contractor Back-lit Mirrors are designed for the budget conscious. These units are a completely sealed unit with the mirror and back box combined and the LED's and transformer are encapsulated inside. The mirrors are designed to be hard wired by and electrician but can be fitted with a 3 pin plug if...

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Thermogroup is pleased to announce the new and improved swivel rails are released to the market!

The design and size remain the same but the quality and flexibility have been improved - now available as concealed or exposed wired, heated and non-heated options and the on/off switch for added convenie...

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 <p>Thinking of installing electric underfloor heating? Chose from our wide range of electric underfloor heating products to find the perfect solution for you and your home! Electric under floor heating is a great energy efficient and invisible heating solution, perfect for adding that little bit of...

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Exclusive Australian Distributor for Jeeves Heated Towel Rails

Jeeves Heated towel Rails are South African Manufactured liquid filled heated towel rails controlled by Jeeves Automatic Heating Technology (AHT)

Unique to Jeeves, AHT Features a built in thermostat which automatically responds to temperat...

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We have drawn up a simple 1 page document to remove the fear of installing Thermonet Underfloor Heating and to help you avoid some common pitfalls. Our comprehensive installation guide needs to be followed at all times.
  • Thermonet_Dos_Donts_AU.pdf
  • Thermogroup is pleased to announce the release of our NEW coloured Single Bar Rails

    Thermorail Single Bar rails have expanded the range to include a once size only in Brushed Stainless Steel, Matt Black and White to help make your next project Unique

    12Volt rails are designed to be installed anywhere...

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    Releasing the NEW Thermotouch 4.3dC Dual Controller

    Thermotouch 4.3dC is Thermogroup AU's first dual control electric underfloor heating thermostat that can control your underfloor heating and an additional appliance is available now!!!

    Our unique Dual Control Thermotouch thermostat includes two relay...

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    2016 Catalogue

    We are pleased to release our 2016 Catalogue, filled with new and existing products

    We have worked hard over the past year to reduce costs wherever possible, and this has resulted in us been able to reduce prices of a good number of products in each category.

    We are also releasing a numb...

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  • To support the release and on-going sales of our new self-adhesive Thermonet electric underfloor heating mats and Thermotouch 4.3iC thermostat, we've created a new range of in store POS merchandise.

  • Thermonet stockists can now benefit from increased visibility and enquiries with our new Thermonet PO...
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        Choosing a floor finish

            Laminate and vinyl floor finishes perform extremely well with underfloor heating and are becoming increasingly popular. Manufacturers are now acknowledging the suitability of vinyl and laminate flooring with electric underfloor heating systems and the majority of laminate flo...
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    Take Advantage of this great saving until the end of June on a free upgrade from a Standard thermostat to a touch screen thermostat on all floor heating orders. Don't forget to ensure the retailer orders it with your floor heating at the time to save frustration later on.

    Introducing Thermotouch 3.2aP

    A wireless electric underfloor heating control that uses your smartphone or tablet as an interface.

    Say hello to wireless electric underfloor heating control!Wifi enabled thermostatWorks with a range of floor sensors including Warmup, OJ, Honeywell and Aube.24/7 hour-by-...Read More
  • We have listened to the markets demand for a 12 volt Ladder style heated towel rail and are pleased to announce the release of the SR4412 Heated Towel Rail.manufactured from stainless steel it has 7 bars and is 600w x 800h mm. Wiring is available on either left or righr hand side.supplied with tran...
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  • We have the pleasure in releasing 2 new Matt Black Powder Coated Heated Towel Rails.Both rails are 600W x 800Hmm and feature our unique multiflex wiring options.The BS48MB is a square rail with 6 bars and the SR44MB is a round rail with 7 bars.available from leading bathroom stores Australia wide RR...
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    We are pleased to announce the release of our new 12 volt Vertical Towel Rail.These rails are sure to make a stunning statement in your bathroom.We have 2 versions, the VS900 without hanging hooks and the VSH900 with hanging hooks.Rails are manufactured from 38mm diameter polished #304 stainless ste...Read More
    Thermoplinth the solution to your heating needsMany uses - Kitchens, Offices, Libraries, reception area's etc.
    We have released 2 new non heated Towel ladders to our range.
  • The USS49 and USS69 feature
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 25mm Round Uprights
  • 19mm Round Bars
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • USS49 460W x 925H x 95Dmm
  • USS69 610W x 925H x 95Dmm
  • Available from bathroom stores Australia wide
  • We are please to release a new range of mirror cabinets.
  • Available in 3 popular sizes
  • These are manufactured moisture resistant MDF with a gloss white paint finish.
  • They are manufactured offshore and feature pencil edge doors
  • Cabinets have 2 glass shelves
  • Planning a new build or renovation, we can provide a solution to your heating needs.Thermogroup is widely known for our flagship electic underfloor heating brand Thermonet. Thermonet is regarded as the highest quality electric underfloor heating mat available, and is manufactured in the Thermogroup ...Read More
    Electric Underfloor heating for carpet, laminate, floating floors, bamboo etc. has never been easier.
  • Introducing Thermofoil Pro underfloor heating, designed to provide you with a easy to install underfloor heating system based on our popular cut and return system which has proved popular for over 15...
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    New self-adhesive Thermonet electric underfloor heatingThermogroup have listened to the demands of the market and are delighted to announce the release of brand new self-adhesive Thermonet electric underfloor heating mats.Unlike most other systems, Thermonet's alkali resistant, resin coated mesh is ...Read More

    2014 Pricelist

      After 14 months without a price rise we have had to review our pricing. Some prices such as undercrpet heating have come down, while others have increased.


    We have made a few changes to the Ablaze Mirror cabinets with Lights, the changes are as follows


    • These now have adjustable glass shelves ont timber
    • These no longer have a pull switch, the downlight needs to be wired through a independent switch
    • These are now made for us in Asia


    • These no ...
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    New Shaving Mirror Range

    We have release 3 new swivel shaving mirrors with light to complement our range. All 3 feature a standard mirror on 1 side and a magnified mirror on the other side. TheL155CSM has regular and 5 x magnifiaction, the L258CSM has regular and 8 x magnification and the LS251CSM ...

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    We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new TRT7W Thermorail timer. This easy to program timer repleaces the old TM12C timer which has been discontinued. The TRT12C timer is very versatile and you can select from a 5/2 day timer, 7 day all the same or 7 day all different options. You can have ...

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    We have released our new 2014 Ablaze Mirror Catalogue.

  • This includes a number of new products. Please note that the new Ablaze Contractor Mirror Cabinets will not be available until March 2014.Ablaze_V3.pdf
  • We have released two new backlit mirrors, the first is the MSM97, which features a magnifier and digital clock. 700H x 900W mm, the second is a Backlit Mirror with LED lighting and an impression of depth, the LED's give the impression of looking into a deep box but the mirror is only 45mm deep


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    We have just released the new TF1800, featuring a host of new feaures and back by a 2 year warranty

    Introducing Thermotouch 4.3iC Available August 2013

  • Thermogroup have unleashed the brand new Thermtouch 4.3iC colour touchscreen controller into the Australian electric underfloor heating market.This exciting new thermostat delivers where others don't featuring a full colour 4.3" Tr...
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    Ablaze Art Deco Range We have the pleasure in announcing the arrival of 6 new models of Ablaze Mirrors. We have released the Sonia and the Sonia Black, both of which will make a stunning statement in your home. 900 x 1200mm The Sonia Retails for $579.00 Art Ddeco Conatractor ...Read More
  • We have released a new Square Shaving mirror due to customer demand.It is 190mm wide by 150mm High, features a expanding arm, has 1 and 5 x magnification,extends up to 800mm from the wall, it is finished in chrome with a white plastic surround around the mirror.
  • We have just released our new Edition 5 Thermorail catalogue.Packed with 10 new models and an increase of Hydronic Rails options


    The difference is the unique, patented fixing strip! Contractors and DIY enthusiasts love Vario because of the patented fixing strip. This pre-measured, highly aggressive adhesive strip features markings at 10mm increments and locks the cable to the floor, without the need to cover every inch in ga...

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    ThermofanThermofan Bathroom Fan heater

    The new Thermofan Bathroom Fan heater   is growing in popularity due to its qucik heat up times, 60 minute timer, sturdy metal housing. Manufactured in Europe and backed by a 2 year warranty. Available from leading bathroom stores Australia wide.

    Thermonet Oil RigThermonet Oil Rig

    Thermonet Electric Underfloor Heating Installed in North Sea Oil Rig

    Thermonet was selected for installation the new wing of one of the largest oil rigs in the North Sea oil field. Factors that affected the client's decision to specify Thermonet Electric Underfloor Heating included our lifetime warra...

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    NEW Econoboard Coated Board Size

    In line with our policy of continuous improvement we have made some adjustments to the Econoboard Coated range. Econoboard Coated boards are now 1200 x 600mm (0.72m2) to make them more efficient to ship out in pallet quantities. This slight decrease in size aligns Eco...

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    Thermodetect leak detection cable

    Thermodetect leak detection system

    45 Zone Thermodetect Leak Detection System Installed in large residential development

    Leak detection systems are growing in poularity as they can help to stop expensive damage caused by water leaks. 

    Thermodetect Leak Detection was recently selected for installation in a large residential development....

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    Australian and international Customers...

    First of all, thank you for visiting our new website. We realise it's a massive change from what you're used to but we hope you can find what you're looking for and we are here to help you make the most of it.

    You will notice the flags in the top right corner ...

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