With the bathroom being well recognised as the coldest room in the home, bathroom heating options are an important consideration! As the place where most of us start and end our day, we want the bathroom to be warm and luxurious; because there is nothing worse than making that hard step out of the warm shower to a freezing cold room. Scroll down to discover some of the most effective and popular ways to transform the bathroom experience.

Add a Cozy Rug.

Gone are the days of only a skimpy old towel, the bathmat is only limited by your imagination.

Heat your Floors.

The hardest thing about getting out of the shower is stepping onto the cold tiles. Give yourself the ultimate bathroom experience by heating your floors. This is an efficient way of heating as the heat from the floor radiates upwards, firstly heating the cold tiles. This small luxury not only allows you to pamper yourself a little but is practical, preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

Embrace Bright Colours.

Giving your bathroom a splash of paint or adding small features of colour can help warm the look of your bathroom, reducing the coldness of the stark white environment.

Invest Wisely in your Bathtub.

By selecting a bathtub that helps retain heat you will be able to enjoy your soak for longer. Materials such as copper, brass and volcanic limestone are known for retaining heat, helping to keep your water hot for longer.

Heat Lamps.

Heat lamps installed in bathroom ceilings can rapidly heat small rooms, as they are instantly hot when switched on.

Heat Lamp

Natural Materials.

Natural materials and textures such as timber offer a contrast to the cold, hard surfaces traditionally seen in bathrooms.

Toasty Warm Towels.

Treat yourself to a warm towel or robe to jump into after your shower. This is the ultimate way to stay warm and ensures your towel is dry for whenever you next need to use it!

Mirror Demisters.

Small heated demister pads are installed hidden behind mirrors, preventing them from fogging up and being covered in condensation. This suits our fast paced lifestyles as the mirror can be used as soon as you step out of the shower – no waiting round to finish your morning routine!

Natural Light.

Allowing plenty of natural light to penetrate your bathroom makes the room feel warmer, reducing the use of artificial lighting. Embracing windows, skylights and clear glass shower screens ensures your bathroom will be well lit.

Seal your windows.

A lot of heat can be lost from the bathroom, and cold air enter around window frames. In cold areas this can result in a rather significant heat loss. There are many products available in the market that are easy to use and can reduce the heat lost around window openings by sealing the gaps.

Seal Windows