Thermogroup has the solution for having a dry cupboard for hanging damp clothes, wardrobes, pantries, engine rooms and more.  Reduce dampness in your cupboard or small areas all year round - rain, hail or shine!

Drying Cupboard Heat Tubes Cupboard Heater

The tubular cupboard heater is mounted inside the cupboard and comes fitted with a 3 pin plug to plug into a power point. The heater helps to dry, warm and circulate the air in the confined storage space through a continuous convection process and efficiently combats winter chills and dampness. 

Tubular cupboard heaters are avaible in 628mm, 928mm and 1228mm lengths.  It is recommend to go with the largest size that fits your space or fit multiples depending on the heat output required. As a guide  a 1200mm heater can warm and dry one cubic meter area and will run for over 7 hours on less than one unit of electricity.

Cupboard Heaters