Thermogroup 15 Years
It is an honour to have reached our 15 year company milestone!

It has been an incredible journey which has only been possible through the support of loyal customers such as yourself.

Reflecting on our journey there are many significant milestones and memories that have become part of who we are today. It has been an incredible privilege to be able to serve you on this journey and we are looking forward to the future where we will continue to do so. The most crucial lesson that we have learnt on this journey and that will always remain, you are the customer and you are our business.

As a token of appreciation for your support in helping us reach this milestone we would like you to take part in our birthday celebrations. As an account customer you will receive 1 point per dollar spent at Thermogroup during the month of October. At the end of the month you can use these points to select a birthday gift for your team or yourself.

Its super simple. You collect the points by selling our products, we will update you halfway through the month on the number of points you have collected and then at the end of the month we will send you your total points collected. All you will need to do is select from the range of gifts based on your accumulated points and we will ship it to you. 

Simple, rewarding and fun - our way of saying thanks to you.

View the gifts below

Please note: This birthday offer applies to account customers only. Limit of two gifts per customer based on the points available. Points expire on the 10th of November.

Thermogroup 15 Years Anniversary