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Our Brands

Thermonet started out in 1996 with a simple underfloor heating mat and a ‘range’ of just 6 sizes. Today, 20 years later, this simple underfloor heating mat has become a well recognised global brand known as Thermonet with over 40 sizes in 3 different outputs and an army of loyal installers and advocates all over the world.

Thermonet has been the subject of continuous improvement and is now one brand in a family of over 20 brands ranging from mirror heating through carpet heating to frost protection and much more.

Thermorail is Thermogroup's brand of Heated Towel Rails, over the last 10 years the brand has grown from 5 models to over 70 models and includes a large range including 12Volt, Single rails, Ladder rails, Non-heated and Hydronic rails.

Ablaze Mirror Imaging was purchased by Thermogroup AU in 2012 and we made Ablaze a brand of Thermogroup's and expanded the range to include Back-Lit Mirrors, Shaving Mirrors, Signature Mirrors, Art Deco Mirrors and Shaving Mirror Cabinets. Ask one of our team about our range today.

Other brands include Thermofoil Thermoscreed, Thermoduo, Thermotube, Thermoprotect, Thermotouch, Thermofan, Thermodetect, Thermorad, Thermoplinth, Thermomat, Thermomirror, Vario, Vario Pro, Econoboard, Econosoft, Econoscreed, Econospeed.