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Cupboard Heater

Cupboard Heater- Heat tube
  • Cupboard Heater- Heat tube
  • Heat Tube Cover

Cupboard Heater

Product Features

  • Heats an area of up to 1.5m³
  • Comes standard as hardwired unit. Can be fitted with a 3-pin-plug if required
  • No switch on unit. Timer can be purchased separately
  • IP44 Protection Rating

Create you own drying cupboard or room with Thermogroup's easy-to-install Electric Heat Tube.

These small, compact units are designed to quickly and effectively heat your cupboard and dry and warm your clothes.

5 Reasons for Heat Tubes

  • 60 Watt output
  • Includes linking kit to join several units
  • Small Compact unit
  • Guards available (HT60C)
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Stock No. Product Name Output (W)Size (mm) Price
    HT60 Heat Tube 60 L305 $89.00
    HT60C Heat Tube Cover - - $55.00

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    Wanting a dry cupboard

    Heat tubes are the perfect solution for drying clothes in cold, draught free cupboards. The tube reduces the dampness in the cupboard all year round and prevents mildew in poorly ventilated areas. The additional cover for the heater is used to protect you from any risk of burns from the cupboard heater and prevents items within the cupboard to sit directly on the heat source.

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