Custom Plated Single Bar Heated Towel Rail

Plated to Order

All of the Thermorail Single Horizontal Bar Heated Towel Rails are able to be plated in custom finishes. This means that you can get your single bar heated towel rails to match in with your tapeware and other bathroom fixtures.

If you have specific finish requirements please contact us on or 1300 638 631 with details on the finish required, model of towel rail and quantity required for availability and pricing. The lead-time for the plating in the custom finishes is 4-5weeks from time of order.


Single Bar Rail Models that are available for plating

DSS4 - Square Profile - W450xH40xD100mm

DSS6 - Square Profile - W632xH40xD100mm

DSS8 - Square Profile - W832xH40xD100mm

DSR6 - Round Profile - W632xH63xD100mm

DSR8 - Round Profile - W832xH63xD100mm

DCF7 - Curved Flat Profile - W700xH40xD100mm

DCR7 - Curved Round Profile - W700xH32xD100mm

DSC6 - Square Profile with rounded corners - W640xH40D100mm

IP Rating
Lead Length
No of Bars
Wiring Type
Concealed (hardwired)
Wiring Position
Right hand side
PLEASE NOTE: Specifications are for information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the product specifications are accurate, due to continuing product development and improvement the specifications are subject to change. Specifications can be used to rough in and fit timber supports in the wall however we recommend no holes are drilled without having the product on site or verifying the details with the manufacturer. Thermogroup cannot be held liable or responsible for errors due to updated specifications.

How do I control my heated towel rail?
Thermorails are safe to be left running continuously however most times it is preferable to have the ability to control when your heated towel rail is on and off and thus saving you energy. The majority of the range of Thermorails don’t have a switch on the unit but can be very simply wired to a standard switch. Alternatively, you can wire the Thermorail to a timer that can be programmed to turn on and off to suit your lifestyle.


Can I wire multiple rails to one timer?
Yes, absolutely, you can connect more than one heated towel rail to a single timer. There are just a few things to consider; You cannot exceed the load rating of the timer (this varies from 1 amp to 16 amps depending on the timer), and all the rails wired to one timer will be on at the same time, they cannot be set on individual schedules. Bear in mind that, for all 12volt units, these do still need to be wired through their transformers before being wired to the timer. The addition of a timer makes your life simple and rewarding with warm towels everyday and wiring multiple rails to one timer allows you to achieve this result easily and beautifully.

Do the single bar heated towel rails require an in-wall mounting system or can they be retrofitted?
Although we do have an optional in-wall mounting system available for our horizontal single bar rails, this is not a necessity for mounting and the towel rails can easily be mounted to the wall without it. Our single bar heated towel rails come supplied with a transformer and all required mounts to complete the install. Therefore, provided that your electrician is able to get power down to the mounting points, it is possible for you to retrofit our single bar heated towel rails to an existing tiled wall. You will need to allow for the 12volt transformer, however this is often installed behind a switch plate or in the roof.

Do 12Volt Thermorails get as warm as standard 240Volt Thermorails?
The 12Volt Thermorail range will get as warm and dry your towels as efficiently as the standard 240Volt Thermorails. This is because the amount of heat output is related to the wattage of the rail rather than the voltage. So, a 12Volt Thermorail will put out the same amount of heat as a 240Volt Thermorail with the same wattage.

Do I require a transformer?
Yes, all the Single Bar Rails are 12Volt rails and therefore need to be wired into a 12Volt transformer, however a transformer is supplied with all of our 12Volt rails so there is no need to purchase this separately.

Where should the transformer be installed?
The transformer can be installed in the ceiling or the wall cavity no further than two metres from the rails. If mounting in the wall cavity the transformer must be behind a switch plate to enable access and the transformer needs to have ventilation.

How many single bar towel rails can I have in a set?
The number of Single Bar 12Volt Rails that you include in a set is only limited by your imagination. To dry and warm your towels effectively you will need a minimum of 3 rails per set.


Do I need to order a mounting system?
No, the single bar rails have all the parts needed for installation however the mounting system is recommended when installing multiple bars as it makes it easier for the cable management and spacing.

Can I use a Thermorail timer for Low Voltage Heated Towel Rails?
Yes, sure you can! Whilst our Low Voltage Towel Rails are 12volt units and the timers have a 240volt output, a transformer is required for these rails anyway so the Towel Rail can simply be wired into the 12volt side of the transformer, then the 240volt side of the transformer wired into the timer. The timer then switches the transformer, rather than the rail itself, which effectively turns the Towel Rail on or off as set on the timer.

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Have you considered adding a timer?

With the simple addition of a Thermorail Timer you can ensure that you towel is warm when you need it.