Discontinued: TF1000 1000-1800Watt Fan Heater

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The TF1000 Bathroom Fan Heater is an attractive, wall mounted fan heater with the controls concealed on the side of the unit. It features extremely low noise level, a 60 minute boost timer and
has a removable and washable filter.
The TF1000 is very simple to use with two controls on the side of the unit. The first dial is used to set your preferred room temperature, which once set, the fan heater will turn on and off to maintain the room at this preferred temperature (Operating at 1000 Watts). The second dial is a 60 minute boost timer which is used to boost the temperature of your room (Operates at 1800 Watts) for a set amount of time (Max 60 minutes). Once the time is completed the Thermofan will revert to the comfort temperature setting.

Product Code
IP Rating
Lead Length
Wiring Type
Standard as Plugin, Hardwired Optional

Do any of your fan heaters have a remote so we don’t need reach it to use it?

Whilst none of our fan heaters can be controlled with a remote, there are other ways in which you can use your heater without having to reach the unit. For our  TF2400 units, these can be wired to an external on/off switch from which you can operate the unit. The TF2400 does also feature an on/off pull switch which hangs down, making it easier to access when the unit is mounted up high. Alternatively, the TF1800 unit is programmable, allowing you to set a schedule to suit your needs, then leave the heater to automatically work to this schedule.

Can the fan heaters be mounted above a door and wired to an on/off switch?

Given that hot air rises, our fan heaters are most effective in heating a room when they are mounted lower to the ground, therefore we would always recommend the lower, the better. Having said this, the TF2400 fan heater comes with a pull switch which facilitates mounting the heater higher or above a door, if required. The TF1800 heater does need to be controlled by the controls at the top of the unit and cannot be switched by an external on/off switch as it will lose its memory, therefore we would not recommend mounting this unit above a door.

Can I adjust the temperature on the Fan Heaters, and what are the heat settings?

The TF1800 Fan Heater Unit is heat adjustable via the programming buttons and can be set at any temperature between 7 degrees and 35 degrees. The temperature output of TF2400 Unit cannot be adjusted and this heater is simply operated by an on/off pull switch, at a constant temperature.

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