Thermorail Heated Towel Rails


Care & Maintenance

The finish of your Thermorail Heated Towel Rail is hard wearing and easy to maintain. However any harsh scrubbing, scratching or acid based cleaning products will damage the surface of your towel rail. Cleaning with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning agent will give the best results.


Warranty Claims & Information

For warranty Registration & claims click here, For Thermorail Warranty Information click here


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What should be my expectations of a Heated Towel Rails?

Heated Towel rails are an affordable bathroom accessory that gives you the luxury of a dry, warm towel.

How do I control my Heated Towel Rail?

In the world of Heated Towel Rails, one of the common questions that we get asked is how do I control my Heated Towel Rail.

How hot do Heated Towel Rails get?

To answer this commonly asked question we need to make it clear there are two main types of heated towel rails; dry electric and liquid filled, and they heat differently.

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