Underfloor Heating in Showers and Wet Rooms

Gone are the days when you step out of your hot shower onto freezing cold tiles. Underfloor heating is a very simple inclusion in today’s bathrooms and provides the luxury feeling of stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor.

But what about installing underfloor heating in the shower?

Yes, it is possible! Providing that the shower floor is tiled (not a shower base) like the rest of the bathroom floor, all Thermogroup’s underfloor heating systems are suitable for installation in the shower area. All of the floor heating systems are protected by an IP67 (or greater) rating making it safe for installation in the shower area.

As the warm water from the shower will very quickly warm the shower floor many people do not think it is necessary to include underfloor heating however there are several reasons, we recommend heating the shower as well as the bathroom floor.

  • Dries the shower quickly floor after your shower preventing the build-up of mould or mildew
  • Prevents having cold spots where your bathroom floor heating stops especially with open ended showers
  • Ensures more comfortable, even spread of warmth across the bathroom
  • Ensure maximum coverage so the underfloor heating can be used as the primary heat source (recommended 80% coverage)

In a tiled bathroom and shower area we would recommend the use of Thermonet 200W Underfloor Heating Mat to ensure quick heat-up times and to ensure the bathroom is cosy for your early morning shower and covered by a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

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