Overview of the Ablaze Magnified Mirror Range

The Ablaze Mirror range includes a large range of Magnified Mirrors. These mirrors have become an important bathroom accessory for use when shaving or applying makeup.

The below gives you an overview of the models available in the range and some of the various points to consider.

Lit & Non-Lit

The range is first split by models with and without LED lighting. The LED lighting helps to throw additional light onto your face when you are using the mirror. If you have the option to wire up the mirror then a LED option is a good way to go.


Once you have decided on either a lit or non-lit option you can next select the desired profile. We have options in both a round and square profile so consider the other bathroom fixtures in the room and what is going to best suit your room.

Ablaze Lit Magnifying Mirror


The Ablaze range offers models in a polished stainless, matt black and gold finish. Again consider what is going to blend in best with your space and fixtures.

Ablaze Lit Magnifying Mirror Ablaze Lit Magnifying Mirror

Level of magnification

The Ablaze range offers a variety of different magnification levels. There are options of 3x, 5x, 7x, 8x and 10x. Consider the level of magnification that you require for your specific circumstance.


There are three main styles available in the Ablaze range. Firstly in the wall-mounted units there are single-sided units which only include the magnified mirror and then there are flip options which include a magnified mirror on one side and a standard mirror on the other. There is also a freestanding battery uint.

Ablaze Lit Magnifying Mirror

As not all of these features are available across all the models it is important to start working from what is most important to you. If for example the level of magnification is the most important then begin with your magnified level and filter out the other options. Likewise if having a matt black unit was the most important then look at the black finish as the first feature.

We trust this overview assists with selecting a suitable shaving mirror for your home.