Why Choose Us

Make your house a home


Here at Thermogroup, we provide the warmth, comfort, and luxury you desire to make your house a home. Heating should be the last thing that you have to think about and the first thing that you feel when you enter your home after a cold day.


A solution for your entire home


We provide heating solutions for every room of your home. With underfloor heating systems suitable for every room and floor finish and a range of fan heaters, heated towel rails and even heated mirrors you can be guaranteed the ultimate in warmth and comfort.


Expert after-sales support


We will not only guide you through the choosing, quoting and purchasing processes, but also go the extra mile to provide after-sales support. From answering on-site technical queries, to walking you through the setup of your controller or even estimating your running costs, you can rest assured that we will support you through the entire journey, so you can enjoy the comfort and luxury you deserve.


Market leading warranties


We pride ourselves in delivering products that last. We only use the very best materials and ensure all products are made to our exacting quality standards. Our Underfloor Heating solutions have some of the longest warranties on the market including our life time cable warranty giving you peace of mind that your product will last for years to come.


Why work with us

Expert after-sales support


We assure you and your clients of our continuous support even after the completion of the sale. We are always available to answer technical questions whether from the tradesmen or the homeowner. We’re here to help!


Rapid quoting and delivery


We aim to have all quotations back within an hour while all orders placed by 12pm qualify for same day dispatch.


Solutions driven


Being a solutions provider is what motivates us every day. For resellers this means innovative, practical products backed by technical support and warranties.


Our dealers make more money


We are here to assist our dealers in growing their business. Our products provide healthy margins and upsell opportunities helping our dealers to grow their business.


Marketing and point of sale solutions


We enjoy working with our dealers to come up with innovative and engaging displays to help drive sales. We provide a range of sales tools and are always striving to ensure all consultants and trained and confident with selling our products.


Why Choose Us

Quicker and easier


All of our products are designed and manufactured with the installer in mind.  From the single ended underfloor heating elements to the dual wiring on our heated towel rails or the two piece back-lit mirrors, we can guarantee you will spend less time and effort on site.


Real-time technical support


Whether you are in the office or on site, we offer real-time technical support to answer all your questions and help get the job done.


Market leading warranties


We pride ourselves in delivering products that last. We only use the very best materials and ensure all products are made to our exacting quality standards. This means that you are installing products which will last and ensure fewer service call backs or replacements.


Quality you can trust


Providing quality workmanship can only be accomplished with quality products, which you can trust us to provide.


Why Choose Us

Collaborative solution design


Our clients benefit from full solution design and integration. We always go the extra mile in understanding the specific design requirements, time frames and budget parameters to ensure we develop a solution that is suitable.


Technical support visits


We offer real-time technical support for questions from installers, specifiers and home owners, plus comprehensive product training as and when required. Whether you are specifying or using products in a home or a multi-story development, we have the expertise and experience to assist.


We happily fulfill bespoke requirements


Should you need a custom-made solution for your specific project we have the capabilities to work with you to develop a custom product in line with our minimum order standards. Our flexibility opens up a whole range of designs and allows you to add your signature to a project.


Add that little bit extra to your project


When the construction is finished it is the final design and environment that leaves the lasting impact. We offer solutions that ensure you leave a memorable experience not just for the short term but for years to come. Our products add that little bit extra in any application and enhance your reputation.