Running Cost Calculator

Estimated Running Cost

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Room Size

0 sqm

Daily Usage

8 hour(s)

Energy Rate

34 cents per KW


$0 / daily usage


The following reasonable assumptions have been made to calculate these estimations:

  • Heating system is installed in a house built and insulated to current regulations
  • Floor temperature set to an efficient 24C
  • A Programmable thermostat has been installed
  • Heating system is under a 10mm ceramic tile and on 10mm insulation board

PLEASE NOTE: Actual running costs will vary depending on specific installation parameters, level of insulation and heat loss factors of the specific building. This approximation does not imply any warranty or guarantee of energy consumption and/or electricity costs.

Have you considered adding Insulation

Did you know that by installing a layer of insulation below underfloor heating you can improve the efficiency of the system by up to 50%.