Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating used to be considered a luxury commodity which was only affordable for the elite. What a dream to always have warm feet in the cold winter months and a heating system with very low or zero maintenance.

Today, Underfloor Heating is becoming part of everyday life as an affordable luxury that everyone can enjoy. As an efficient and effective way to heat your home it is increasingly popular in both new builds and renovations.

If you are considering including Underfloor Heating in your home for the first time but still are sitting on the fence as to whether this is the right heating solution for your home and lifestyle, we completely understand.  To help you, we will honestly review the advantages and disadvantages of Electric Underfloor Heating so that you can decide for yourself.


There are many advantages that come with having Electric Underfloor Heating in your home. The main ones include:

Comfort of heat

This must be the number one advantage of Underfloor Heating. For anyone that has experienced the warmth and comfort of Underfloor Heating, it’s hard to beat. Consider that with traditional heating you have got heat coming from one heat source, often in the roof, and spreading out through the room.

However, with Underfloor Heating installed under your floor it means that you have a much larger and more consistent heating area. Naturally heat rises therefore heating from the floor is the best way to evenly warm any room.Also, as there is not hot air being pumped into the room it will not become hot & stuffy, Underfloor Heating rather gently warms the room silently creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment

If you have never experienced Underfloor Heating, then this might sound like something that would be nice, trust us its going to be nicer then you imagine.

Low running costs

Underfloor Heating can cost as little as $4.20 per week to run a 3.5m² bathroom. It is a cheaper heating option opposed to traditional methods that provides comfort and  even heat distribution with no cold spots. For more information on running costs please see the following blog:


Underfloor Heating runs at a lower temperature then most other heating options, ultimately using less energy. Each room in the home can have it’s own controller giving you greater control over your heating and also meaning you only need to heat the areas you are using. The even heat distribution throughout the room means no more fighting over who gets to stand in front of the heater!

Another advantage of Underfloor Heating is that it can be programmed to a schedule so you can set and forget. Ultimately you can schedule the heating to come on only when it is needed, thus eliminating the amount of energy used which is better for your pocket and the environment.

It also means that the room is warm and comfortable to suit whenever you need it, for instance if you shower every morning at 7am you can have the heating set to come on, so the room is warm the moment you step inside.

Design freedom

By installing Underfloor Heating, wall and ceiling space is freed up, meaning that the heating does not compromise or restrict any design choices or aesthetics. In addition, we have a range of heating systems that can go under any floor finish, so you can enjoy the comfort of  warm feet no matter what floor finish you select.

It is healthy

An often un considered advantage of Underfloor Heating are the health benefits. Firstly, it dries the floor a lot quicker; Not only does drying the floor prevent mold growth but it also reduces the chance of any nasty trips, slips, or falls as those pesky hazardous puddles are dried up.

Secondly, with Underfloor Heating there is no movement of air due to the heat radiating up from the floor rather than convection heating used in traditional heaters. Simply put, Underfloor Heating doesn’t blow any air into the room to try to heat the room. This means it is not causing dust particles to move around the room, which is particularly of concern for Asthma suffers.

Add value to your home

Another key advantage of Electric Underfloor Heating is the resale value that it adds to your home. Whilst this may not be an advantage that you initially think about, its worth a consideration. If you are building or renovating, at some point you will have thought about the resale value of your property and Underfloor Heating is one of those items that absolutely adds to your resale value.

No maintenance

The last advantage of Underfloor Heating that we want to focus on is, that there is no ongoing maintenance or servicing involved with Electric Underfloor Heating. All you may need to do is adjust the temperature or your heating schedule as need, otherwise its simply forgotten about, except for every time you step into the warmth and comfort of your home.


Whilst there are many advantages of Underfloor Heating, there is also a downside. The main disadvantages of electric Underfloor Heating are:

Initial cost

The initial cost can be quite significant depending on your application and budget. For instance, when you are building a new home, you might encounter budget overruns elsewhere in your project so Underfloor Heating then can feels out of reach. Whilst the cost can be considered a disadvantage of Underfloor Heating remember that you do need include some form of heating, and you may also be surprised at how affordable the actual cost and running costs are.

The install cost will also add to heating as they don’t want the extra work involved.
When considering Underfloor Heating you have to weigh up this initial cost opposed to the ongoing lifetime benefit that you will gain.


If there is an issue with the Underfloor Heating it can be a long and costly process to pinpoint exactly where the fault is and for it to be repaired. Although there are technicians who can locate the exact fault location and lift the flooring at that point and make the repair, it can still mean some time without any heating. Whilst faults or issues with the actual Underfloor Heating is a disadvantage, as long as the heating is installed correctly there is very minimal chance of something going wrong. All Thermogroup Underfloor Heating systems are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Long heat up times

Underfloor Heating doesn’t provide the instant warmth and comfort of a traditional heater so the heat up times can seem like a disadvantage. This may be a particular disadvantage if you have an inslab system due to the long heat up times. However, whilst its not instant, the heat up times for a system directly below the substrate are quite rapid. For more information regarding the heat up times of Underfloor Heating check out our article here.

No heat gathering point

Several types of heaters create a gathering point for warmth, think of a family sitting around a fireplace or a gas heater. Underfloor Heating doesn’t create this type of heat location for people to gather around, instead your whole house is warm no matter where you are.

In summary – is Underfloor Heating worth it?

Ultimately, yes, it is. It provides a constant primary heat source for your whole house without compromising on any design choices while adding value to your home. We believe that the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages however your opinion is up to you. We do hope though that you can also see the advantages of Underfloor Heating and that you will include it in your project.

If you want to have a chat specifically regarding your home or requirements, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to discuss further.



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