Features of Thermorail Polished Ladder Heated Towel Rails

Thermogroup are market leaders in providing warm, dry towels through our extensive Heated Towel Rail offering.

We would like to highlight some key information regarding Thermogroup’s polished ladder Heated Towel Rail range.

Multiflex Wiring

Our rails offer a connection point at the top or bottom of the rail on either the left or right hand side. The wiring can either be exposed (plug-in) or hardwired (concealed) all as standard out of the box. Watch the multiflex wiring video


10 Year Warranty

The rails have a 10 year warranty which covers the rail construction, element and the finish. The only exception is the budget rails which have a 7 year warranty.


304 Grade Stainless Steel

The rails are made from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel, reducing the likelihood of rust. The only exception is the budget rails which is constructed from 201 grade stainless steel.


IP55 Rating

The rails are all IP55 which makes the safe for use in the bathroom, outside of the direct wet areas of a shower or bath.


Heat Performance

The rails are all electric so they will heat up in 10-20 minutes. Without a towel, the rail will heat to 35-40 degrees. Once a towel covers the rail, it will heat to 50-55 degrees as the heat is trapped below the towel.


Running Costs

Our most common size ladder is a 600x800mm rail which comfortably holds two towels. This rail, running for 6 hours a day, 3 hours morning and evening, would cost $1.20 to operate for a week.