Heated Towel Rail for Everest Caravans

A Heated Towel Rail in a caravan, now that’s a luxury when you are on holiday.

Located in Melbourne, Everest Caravans have been manufacturing for over 15 years. The family-owned business prides itself on providing premium quality built custom caravans that are proudly Australian owned and made.

Everest Caravans build custom-built caravans, focusing on the client’s needs in a caravan, not just what they think they would like to have in a caravan.

The Ice Glider Limited is the top-of-the-line Ice Glider model. It comes with all the features you will need to go off-grid with the family in style and comfort! The 3.5t Ice Glider is engineered for extreme off-roading so you can have peace of mind when heading out to the unknown!

The Ice Glider Limited is powered up with 200amps of Lithium along with BMPRO 35 HA battery management system.

Thermogroup is proud to have supplied the SR4412B, 7 bar round black Heated Towel Rail. This rail is a 12V unit, making it perfect for use in the caravan application. The low voltage doesn’t compromise on the heating performance, ensuring that the rail will adequately dry the occupant’s towels. Check out the Everest Ice Glider Caravan.


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