How do I control my Underfloor Heating?

If you are looking at Underfloor Heating, you’re probably wondering how I am going to control it, to make sure it is warm and dry when you want it, and to keep control of your running costs. We have a range of thermostats that will provide you with a solution that suits your control requirements. They can be run on manually or on a schedule depending on what best suits your lifestyle. Having your Underfloor Heating regulated by a thermostat will ensure your home or room is always warm and comfortable without wasting energy and money.

How do I turn my Underfloor Heating on and off?

A thermostat is required to operate Underfloor Heating. It allows you to turn the heating on and off and set the temperature at which the Underfloor Heating will operate. The Australian regulation states the max temperature for running Underfloor Heating is 28°C, therefore a thermostat is essential for controlling the Underfloor Heating to prevent it from overheating.

What is the best Thermostat to use with Underfloor Heating?

We have a range of thermostats that are suitable to use with Underfloor Heating so we wanted to give you an overview of the options that are available.

• Standard programmable thermostat – Our standard thermostats are glass touch sensor, fully programmable thermostat that features a 7-day, 6-event heating schedule. Every day can be set up differently, or all days can be the same or you can have weekdays the same and weekends different. It has a range of different options to suit everyone’s busy schedule. These units are relatively simple to program and are available in white and black. The units come in portrait as standard and suit a standard Australian mounting plate, a landscape mounting plate is also avalaible if required. View the programable thermostats.

• Dual thermostat – Our Dual thermostat is a touchscreen controller that can control both Underfloor Heating and an appliance such as a Heated Towel Rail or mirror demister from the same unit. The two relays can be operated completely independently meaning you can have your floor heating or rail on at two different times. The dual thermostat also features a boost function allowing you to turn the heating on outside of the standard schedule and it will revert back to the schedule at the next heating event. The Dual controller is very easy to use and ideal for eliminating the need for two controllers on the wall. The unit is available in white or black and the screen orientation can be adjusted on the unit. View the dual thermostat here.

• Wi-Fi thermostat – Our WI-FI controller allows you to can control your Underfloor Heating from anywhere via your smartphone. The SWATT app is compatible for use with both Apple and Andriod devices. The app allows you to set your heating schedule and adjust your heating mode all via your phone. As well as having multiple thermostats controlled by one app, you can also connect multiple users to the one app. This means all your family members can be connected to control the same thermostats via the app.

The Wi-Fi thermostat is fully programable both via the app and on the thermostat unit. This allows you to create your own personalised heating schedule based on your lifestyle and desired comfort levels. The 5235W features several different heating modes to give you ultimate control over your heating. The Wi-Fi controller is a single relay unit which means it can only control Underfloor Heating. The unit is only available in white and the mounting plate allows it to be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical postion. View the Wi-Fi thermostat here.

• Manual thermostat – Our manual thermostats feature the simple function of manually controlling the temperature of your Underfloor Heating. The manual thermostat has no programming capability, you simply turn the unit on or off and control the temperature. The manual thermostat is used in two main applications, firstly to control in slab heating. As slab heating has a much longer heat-up and cool-down time, there is less of a need to set up a schedule. Further to this, when off-peak was common in homes, the manual thermostat was perfect as it came on at the preset temperature whenever there was power to the unit, as it is a manual unit there is no program or schedule that would be lost everytime the power was cut to the unit.

The second use for the manual thermostat is for home automation. Similar in application to off-peak, the manual thermostat is used to control the temperature of the heating which is manually set on the unit. The home automation system then can be used to cut the power to the controller, making the home automation system responsible for controlling when the heating is on or off.

We have two types of manual thermostats, one is a simple dial unit and the second is an LCD screen which is a more modern-looking unit, and also available in white and black.


A final note on our thermostats

All our thermostats are covered with a 3-year warranty and all of the thermostats are supplied with a floor sensor and conduit. The controllers have a 16 amp relay which means they can handle up to 3840 watts of Underfloor Heating. The dual controller includes a second 5 amp relay for your Heated Towel Rail. If you need more information about the amp load for your system speak with your electrician or get in touch with our team to assist.


What is the best way to set up the Thermostat?

Our programable thermostats, have the option to either run on a schedule or run on manual. Running on manual will regulate the floor to the temperature you set it until you tell it to do something else. Meaning it will be constantly running to maintain the floor at the set temperature. If you have a changing schedule and the times you are at home are always different this might be the best option for you – just don’t forget to turn it off when you leave! If your routine is very similar day to day a schedule is the best option for you, with this mode you can set and forget. Your Underfloor Heating will turn on to the temperature you set and turn off when you want it. No need to remember to turn it off! Having a heating schedule setup will help to boost the energy efficiency of your system by ensuring the heating is not left on and it is only running when you want it.


What is the best location for the thermostat?

Having your thermostat somewhere that is accessible and central is ideal. Generally, next to the light switch is the best place so they don’t look out of place.

The thermostats are all designed to work using a floor sensor which is installed at the same time as the heating and provides the thermostat with an acturate floor temperature reading. Most thermostats do also have an ambient mode, which means they are measuring the temperature in the room. Providing the thermostat will be working with the floor sensor, they could be installed inside a cupboard such as a mirror cabinet.

If the thermostat is going to be using the ambient sensor it is important to make sure it’s clear of any external influences that could affect the temperature such as exposure to direct sunlight and draughts from doorways or other heating or cooling systems.

Who installs the Thermostat?

Whilst the Underfloor Heating system isn’t mandatory to be installed by an electrician, the thermostat must be wired up by a qualified electrician. The thermostat needs to be connected to a 240Volt power feed as well as to the Underfloor Heating and this needs to be done by the electrician.



In summary, your Underfloor Heating has to be connected to a thermostat to ensure you can control the temperature. Unless you have one of the applications where a manual thermostat would be recommended, we would recommend using a programmable thermostat and setting it up to suit your lifestyle.

Our range of thermostats provides you options to best suit your application and combined with our Underfloor Heating with lifetime warranty, they will give you peace of mind and the ultimate warmth and luxury in your home.