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Underfloor Heating begins a new chapter

From our humble beginnings, we have been renowned for our famous German-made Thermonet Underfloor Heating system which has become the leading brand on the market, and since 2012 has been offering a Lifetime Warranty.

Now in 2024, in a changing world, our manufacturing is moving across the channel to Great Britain. Our UK partner company, Thermosphere, has brought the manufacturing in-house.

What does this mean?
• The same machinery, components, and manufacturing capabilities have come from Germany to the UK
• The plant has been operating in the UK for 12 months
• Product remains unchanged
• The UK made products will begin to roll through to the market throughout 2024
• Same great product with an unmatched, Lifetime Warranty

The final production run has wrapped up in Germany, ending another chapter in our history. As one chapter ends, another begins and this time it will be from our friends in the UK.

Our UK-made Underfloor Heating systems will begin to roll through to the Australian market in early 2024. Full roll-through of systems and packaging will occur throughout 2024.

More details regarding the timeline will be released to the market in the lead-up to 2024 and marketing assets will be made available to our resellers.

If you have any questions, concerns, or points of interest we would love to hear from you.



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