Polished Concrete & Underfloor Heating

Polished Concrete & Underfloor Heating

If you are considering installing Underfloor Heating with a polished concrete floor, the answer is yes it is possible.

Concrete has a high thermal mass meaning it will store and distribute heat extremely well. Therefore when your underfloor heating system is combined with a polished concrete floor, the thermal mass will retain heat in the floor. This will ensure your rooms will stay warm for longer after your heating is switched off than would be the case with a traditional heating system. For this to be consistently effective we either recommend our in slab or in-screed systems. These systems can be used for a full slab which the surface is polished or where a secondary slab is poured and then polished.

Some other benefits of using underfloor heating on polished concrete floors are;

  • This will keep your feet warm all year round and takes the chill off the cold concrete.
  • Potentially saving on heating bills thanks to more even heat distribution
  • Underfloor heating is quiet rather than your traditional heating systems, which have a tendency to grunt and groan as they do their work

There is no doubt that underfloor heating in a polished concrete floors provides the safest, cleanest, and most luxurious heat available.  Your children and pets will never get burnt on flames or hot surfaces.  It is hidden away and does not impede in the design of a room or house.  Simply pure luxurious warmth.