Solid Surface Bathroom Furniture FAQ’S



What are the products actually made of?

Solid surface materials are composed of mineral dust (primarily marble) combined with acrylic, resin and pigment which are melted and compressed to form the shape of the product.


Is solid surface dust dangerous?

Solid surface products are made from minerals and resins which once compressed into completed products are non-porous and renewable making them hygienic, low maintenance and completely safe.





Can solid surface products be damaged and repaired?

Solid surface products are extremely durable and scratch resistant. They can be damaged by extreme heat in excess of 150 degrees so are perfectly safe for common use in bathrooms. As the product colour is solid throughout the product, unlike a glazed basin, should the solid surface be chipped or scratched it will not show as a different colour. In addition, small scratches can be sanded out and repolished.


What is the advantage of solid surface products for my bathroom?

Besides being functional, durable and looking stylish in your bathroom, solid surfaces are non-porous, meaning liquids aren’t absorbed and bacteria has nowhere to hide. This makes them hygienic, easy to clean, and stain resistant.


What does the warranty cover?

Thermogroup solid surface products are covered by a 5 year warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects such as cracks or blemishes in the surface. Warranty does not cover accidents, misuse, damage from excessive heat, changes in appearance, breakage not due to a defect in the materials, repairs or modifications of the product.


How much do the products weigh and what weight can the bathroom stools withstand?

Product Weight
Willow Shower Stool White 13.1kg
Willow Shower Stool Black 11.4kg
Ivy Shower Stool White 9.1kg
Ivy Shower Stool Black 8.6kg
Jasmine Bath Caddy 4kg
Holly Bath Caddy 4.3kg

Weight Limit
Shower stools can withstand 150kg of weight.

My shower floor is not even, what do I do?

Thermogroup solid surface stools come with adjustable feet which can be screwed out to take up minor imperfections in the floor.


How do I clean and what maintenance is required?

· Rinse the surface after each use with clean water to prevent mineral or soap buildup.
· A periodic wash (every 1-2 weeks) using warm water and a soft cloth will retain the high-quality finish of your product for many years to come.
· After cleaning gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth or microfibre towel to keep it clean and dry.
· For more stubborn stains, use a mild detergent, a gentle powder cleaner or a nano sponge to clean without scratching the surface. Make sure no residue is left on the surface after rinsing.
· ON NO ACCOUNT should any household bleaches, harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners or polishes, strong acidic or alkaline cleaners, steel wool, abrasive scrubbing pads or other cleaning agents be used on this item.
· After cleaning, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) with a soft cloth, and buff gently to maintain shine and prevent water spots.
· Over time, scratches and small chips can happen. These can be fixed by sanding using a sanding sponge for small scratches and sandpaper for deeper scratches or small chips. Start with 100 or 150-grit coarse sandpaper and finish with fine sandpaper and a sanding sponge to restore the smooth finish of your solid surface products.


Can the bath caddy damage my bath?

Bath caddies are made from a solid surface material and will not damage the bath when placed carefully onto the bath. You must not however slide or push the bath caddy along the rim of the bath as this can damage the polish on acrylic or solid surface baths. To reposition you must lift and reposition it, not slide it. Being a solid surface product, if the caddy is dropped into the bath the weight of it can potentially damage the caddy and the bath. Anti-slide strips are available upon request for the Holly bath caddy.


Are solid surface stools suitable for use outdoors?

Although solid surface products have a low moisture absorption and are resistant to environmental pollutants and factors, they are not recommended for use outdoors as the UV can affect the resin in the composite causing it to discolour over time. Darker colours will fade/discolour quicker than lighter colours and although the surface can be renewed with cleaning or sanding the life of the product will be reduced in outdoor conditions and the warranty does not cover outdoor use.