STEPtember 2023

Thermogroup is proud to be joining over 2,400 other organisations and over 120,000 people across Australia in this year’s STEPtember!

It’s easy to Join the Movement. Simply move your own way to 10,000 steps per day during the month of September – walk, swim, dance, wheel, run … any way you like – and fundraise to support people with cerebral palsy. If you’re not keen on breaking out your sneakers, there are over 40 different activities you can choose from to count toward your daily step goal.

Every move we make, and every dollar we raise together will make a huge difference.

A baby is born with cerebral palsy every day. They will have problems with movement, and many will have intellectual disability, seizures, problems with vision, hearing or speech. 1 in 2 are in chronic pain, 1 in 3 can’t walk, and 1 in 4 can’t talk. With your support, Cerebral Palsy Alliance can provide early detection and intervention therapy which can drastically improve the future of these babies’ lives. It could be the difference between whether a child can walk or talk.  

It’s easy, quick and FREE to join:

This is a great opportunity to get active, have fun, and make a real difference in our community.


Identifying babies at risk of cerebral palsy and providing early intervention therapies during critical early days of development


Early detection and diagnosis of cerebral palsy, regenerative medicine, epidemiology, innovative mobility and communication technologies.


CPA’s research has contributed to a 40% reduction in birth-rates of CP, however this needs to continue to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure CP.


Life changing technology and devices, like eye gaze technology, that can allow people with cerebral palsy to communicate.


Programs that empower teenagers and young adults living with a disability to take on new challenges and live their best life possible.


A startup accelerator committed to developing tech startups that amplify human potential and reduce barriers for people with disability.





Will support research to detect and treat CP as early as possible to maximise the benefit of treatments.



Will support research into the causes and incidence of cerebral palsy to further prevention and treatment.



Will support research into the use of technology to increase mobility, communication and independence for people living with cerebral palsy.



Will help researchers investigate potential treatments that use the body’s own regenerative capabilities.