What is a screed?

A question that comes up from time to time with Underfloor Heating and floor build-ups is; What is a screed? A floor screed is normally a cementitious material, with high sand content. The primary purpose of a screed is to ensure a smooth and level surface on which the floor finish is laid. Particularly in bathrooms, a screed will ensure that water will not pool under the floor but will rather run into the installed drainage point. Screeds can also be used to create the falls in a shower area for drainage or build up the floor height if required. The thickness of the screed will depend on the required height buildup required and the variations in the base over which it is laid.

Underfloor Heating can be used in conjunction with a screed. The heating can be installed either below or above a screed and we have many different systems to ensure we can provide the best solution in every application. Where the underfloor heating is placed in relation to the screed will depend on the tilers preference and the floor buildup.

The placement of Underfloor Heating in a screed will impact heatup times.. When the heating is being placed within a screed we recommend the 200 watts per metre option as this allows for increased heatup times through the screed. The differences in heatup times can be seen in the table below.. You can also learn more regarding heatup times here –

You can view the below image which show optional floor buildups including a screed layer. To create your floor buildup visit our product selection here – If you have any questions regarding screeds or anything we can assist with please get in touch