What is multiflex wiring and why does it matter?

Multiflex wiring means there is a range of different wiring options within the one rail. This gives the installer the flexibility of deciding on site where the wiring comes out. The multiple wiring options available are at either the top or the bottom of the rail, on the left or right-hand side – making it possible to come from any of the four mounting points. Wiring can also be exposed (plug in) or concealed (hard wired). Most of Thermorail’s heated towel ladders have this option with the exception of our swivel range, fixed-leg range, and plated range.

In many circumstances having too many options can be daunting but the benefits of Multiflex wiring in our Thermorail products is that it allows for easy preparation and installation. Especially when space and is an issue, having the ability to choose on-site where the wires for your Thermorail product comes out is convenient and productive. Saving you time and money!


Multiflex Wiring - Top and Bottom

The majority of the Thermorail range are dry electric element towel rails. This means that the towel rail can be mounted either way up and gives you the option of having the wiring at the top or bottom of the towel rail. For strength purposes it is recommended to install the towel rails with the wiring at the bottom of the towel rail however it is still possible to mount the rail with the wiring at the top.

Multiflex Wiring - Left and right hand

The multiflex heated towel rails have a connection point on both the right and left hand sides of the rail. The lead for the towel rails come as a separate part. This lead can easily be plugged into the desired side during installation.

Multiflex Wiring - Concealed and exposed

The multiflex Thermorails can be hardwired (concealed) through one of the mounting legs providing a clean, sleek look. Alternatively, the Thermorail towel rail can have exposed wiring which allows the wiring to comes out the base of one of the mounting leg on the side closest to the wall and get plugged into a power point.


Still don’t quite understand the multiflex concept? Watch the multiflex video here to see exactly how this works.