What size heated towel rail do I need for my towels?

How many towels can you fit on a heated towel rail? What size heated towel rail do I need for my towels? Whilst, these may seem like simple questions there actually a few more points to consider than you might first realise.


Think of who will be using the room
Firstly, consider the room that you rail is going to be placed and the number of people who will likely be using the room. This will give you some idea on the number of towels that will likely be hanging on the towel rail. This will be the starting point for giving you an idea of what size rail you need.

For example, if you have an ensuite you will want to select a rail that can accommodate two towels. If this is for your main bathroom which will be shared by three children then you will need a larger towel rail.


Think of the towels to be used

The next point to consider is the size of you towel. Some of the standard sizes are listed below.

  • Bath Towels | 70 x 140 cm
  • Queen Towel | 76 x 143 cm
  • Bath Sheet | 90 x 160 cm

With a heated towel rail it is best to fold the towel in half before draping it over the rail. The reason for this is that it helps to insulate the rail, causing the rail to get hotter below the towel. If this is the case then the actual size of the towels would be:

  • Bath Towels | 35 x 70 cm
  • Queen Towel | 38 x 71.5 cm
  • Bath Sheet | 45 x 80 cm

So with this in mind you can work out roughly what size rail you are going to need to suit your requirements. Some examples below:

  • Two Bath Towels | 600 x 800mm Towel Rail
  • Two Queen Towels | 750 x 700mm Towel Rail
  • Two Bath Sheets | 900 x 750mm Towel Rail
  • Three Bath Towels | 700 x 1200mm Towel Rail
  • Three Bath Sheets | 1000 x 1500mm Towel Rail

These are just some examples of what rails you could use for your given scenario. Of course if you have a large bathroom or ensuite you can create a feature out of having two towel rails – a his and a hers – which would mean only one bath sheet per rail.

You can view the available towel rails using the link below and use the height and width toggles to select an appropriate towel rail for your space and requirements.

Most importantly when considering the size of your rail is pay attention to the space you have available. You might think you need a large towel based on the towel requirements but you still need to be able to fit it in the room.

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements please feel free to get in touch.