Why add a Backlit Mirror to your bathroom?

Why add a Backlit Mirror to your bathroom

Selecting the best mirror for your bathroom can be a daunting task. When looking for a mirror to suit your bathroom style it is good idea to consider the functionality and luxe-free that a backlit mirror can offer.

A backlit mirror is a mirrors that has LED lights incorporated that shine out the front or around the edge of the mirror. The lighting from a backlit mirror is thrown directly onto your face as opposed to regular lighting sources that can often cause shadows on your face. Having a well-lit reflection from your mirror is essential for when shaving or applying make-up.

Ablaze backlit mirrors use LED lights which are very energy efficient and last much longer than your standard incandescent light. The Ablaze range offer both cool and warm light option so there is sure to be something to suit your style.

Most of the back-lit mirrors in the  Ablaze premium range are also supplied with a mirror demister. This thin heating pad is adhered to the back of the mirror and it gently warmer the mirror to prevent the mirror from fogging up. This ensures that the mirror is always clear and ready for use even immediately after a hot shower.

There are many styles and sizes of Ablaze backlit mirrors to choose from depending on your personal taste and bathroom style. View the range here

Backlit mirrors are becoming one of the latest and hottest trends in bathrooms at the moment as they add that luxe-feel to your bathroom as well as being beautiful and functional.