Can I install a Heated Towel Rail myself?

Thermorail Heated Towel Rails are supplied with complete installation instructions and all 240Volt rails are available with all parts for Concealed (hardwired) and Plugin. If the towel rail is going to be plugged into a powerpoint, then you can easily install the towel rail yourself. However, if you are hardwiring the towel rail then you will require a qualified electrician to wire it up.


You can download installation instructions on each product page. In short though if you are installing a Thermorail with exposed wiring you will need a Drill, Driver, Level, Tape Measure, Pencil and 6mm drill bit suited to the wall type you mounting on.  Screws and plugs are provided with the towel rails for use on tiled walls however if you are mounting on gyprock only you will need suitable dry wall fixings.  Mount the rail following the install instructions provided and then plug lead into a power point. If, however you are using a 12 volt rail or want concealed wiring you will need, in addition to the tools mentioned above, a 12 mm drill bit for the plastic wall sleeve and you can do the mounting part of the rail yourself however will require an electrician to connect the rail to the power supply.


Thermorail Heated Towel Rails are supplied with Multiflex wiring  meaning there is a range of different wiring options within the one rail, so the wiring method can be decided at the time of installation. The multiple wiring options available are at either the top or the bottom of the rail, on the left or right-hand side – making it possible to come from any of the four mounting points. Wiring can also be exposed (plug in) or concealed (hard wired).


Thermorails are safe to be left running continuously however most times it is preferable to have the ability to control when your heated towel rail is on and off and thus saving you energy. Most of the range of Thermorails don’t have a switch on the unit but can be very simply wired to a standard switch. Alternatively, you can wire the Thermorail to a timer that can be programmed to turn on and off to suit your lifestyle.


Using our Thermorail product page, you can easily filter for wiring types, 240Volt or 12Volt and colour finishes. You can view the full range here.