Can I put underfloor heating outside of the bathroom?

Yes, an electric underfloor heating system is suitable to be installed in any room of your home. While underfloor heating is typically installed under a tiles floor, many people don’t realise that the warmth and luxury of electric underfloor heating can also be experienced under carpet, vinyl or timber floors. If the floor heating covers 80% or more of the total floor area then it can be used as the primary heat source in the room. this provides a comfortable, gentle and efficient way of heating large areas such as a living room.


Under Tile Heating

Tiles are a very popular and common floor finish; however one major disadvantage is they are cold to walk on, especially in winter. This can be overcome with an under tile heating system which allows you to experience the feeling of a warm tiled floor. Heating systems for under tile heating include:

Thermonet is a underfloor heating mat system that is specially designed to be installed directly beneath your tiles. For more details click here.

Thermowire  is an under tiles loose wire heating system ideal for installing in small, awkward areas and is designed to be installed directly beneath the tiles. For more details click here.



Under Timber Heating

Laminate and engineered timber floors are becoming more and more popular due to their eco-credentials, and the natural look and feel of a wooden floor. Thermofoil bring the ease and simplicity of electric underfloor heating to timber floors.

Thermofoil can be used under either a floating or in a fully bonded timber floor application. For more details click here.


Under Carpet Heating

Thermofoil is designed for simple installation under laminate, timber or carpet flooring. For under carpet installations, Thermofoil should be installed between the underlay and the carpet.

Thermofoil is specially designed to operate in a void i.e. between the carpet and the underlay making installation extremely quick and easy. For more details click here.


To find the best underfloor heating system for your floor finish an application try out our online heating system selector tool here.