Holly Solid Surface Bath Caddy HC9020W


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The bath caddies make for the ultimate bath experience, offering you a place to rest your book, phone or even a glass of wine during your bath. The bath caddies can also be used as a styling piece in your bathroom.

The HC9020W bath caddy features a minimalistic design which features level surface with two set indents for holding your cups. Simply rest the caddy over the edge of the bath, up to 850mm wide, to create the ultimate bath experience.

Solid surface is an engineered material composed from acrylic resins and pigments. The advantage of this is a solid colour throughout and free from silica. Solid surface offers a durable product that is stain-resistant, antimicrobial and is easy to maintain.

Product Code
5 years
L900 x W200 x D15mm
White Solid Surface
Product Weight
Fits Bath Width
Fits baths up to 850mm wide
PLEASE NOTE: Specifications are for information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the product specifications are accurate, due to continuing product development and improvement the specifications are subject to change. Thermogroup cannot be held liable or responsible for errors due to updated specifications.

What are the products actually made of?

Solid surface materials are composed of mineral dust (primarily marble) combined with acrylic, resins and pigments which are melted and compressed to form the shape of the product.

Is solid surface dust dangerous?
Solid surface products are made from minerals and resins which once compressed into completed products are non-porous and renewable making them hygienic, low maintenance and completely safe.

Can solid surfaces be damaged and repaired?

Solid surface products are extremely durable and scratch resistant.  They can be damaged by extreme heat in excess of 150 degrees so are perfectly safe for use in bathrooms .  As the product colour is solid throughout the product, unlike a glazed basin, should the solid surface be chipped or scratched it will not show as a different colour.  In addition, small scratches can be sanded out and repolished.

What does the warranty cover?

Thermogroup solid surface products are covered by a 5 year warranty.  This warranty covers manufacturing defects such as cracks or blemishes in the surface.  Warranty does not cover accidents, misuse, damage from excessive heat, changes in appearance, breakage not due to a defect in the materials or any repairs or modifications of the product.

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