Thermorad In-Wall Heating System

The new way to dry towels

Thermorad provides a revolutionary new way to dry your towels. The Thermorad panel provides an opportunity to make any towel rail a towel dryer without compromising on your design or style.

The Thermorad panel is installed in your wall cavity directly behind where your towel rail will be installed. The panel creates an invisible towel dryer that reduces the drying time of your towels by up to 70% compared to a non-heated rail.

The beauty of the Thermorad panel is that it can be used with any rail, robe hook or ladder without compromising on the design aesthetics of your room. If you cant find a Heated Towel Rail to match your tapware colour or style then Thermorad is the answer.

  • Create an invisible towel dryer

    No one enjoys the experience of using a damp towel; however, it is an everyday reality for those who shower morning and evening or in areas of high humidity. The Thermorad sits invisibly behind the wall and dries a damp towel in around 4-6 hours.

  • Reduce drying times by up to 70%

    The Thermorad panel is designed to be concealed in the wall whilst radiating heat directly behind a towel rail to reduce the drying time by up to 70%

  • Suitable for use with any rail, robe hook, or ladder

    The beauty of the Thermorad is that it can be located behind any towel rail or robe hook no matter what the style, colour or finish. It can even be installed behind a non-heated ladder providing the fixing points are outside the panel area.

  • Low Energy Usage

    The Thermorad uses only 160 watts an hour to run. This means that if it were running for 6 hours a day, it would cost around 25 cents a day to run.

  • Set and forget with a programmable timer

    The use of a programmable timer allows you to set up your preferred drying schedule to ensure your towel is dry whenever you come to use it. Alternatively, it can be wired to an on/off switch for a manual operation.

    Note: This needs to be purchased separately.

  • 10 year guarantee

    The Thermorad panel is backed by a 10-year warranty to give you the peace of mind
    that your product will last for years to come.

Control your heating

The TRTS timer is a digital touch screen timer ideal for controlling the Thermorad. With the TRTS timer you have the ability to program each day individually, 7 days the same or program the weekdays to one schedule and the weekends different. This timer has 4 switching times (2on/2off) per day and is simple to program with large easy characters.

A timer allows you to set and forget. You can program the times your Thermorad is running and experience dry towels when using the bathroom. Please note, the timer needs to be purchased separately. Timers are also available in Black (TRTSB) or Landscape (TRTSL). Other timers are available, see the website for more information

Simple to Install

Thermorad Heating Panels are easy to install before they are sheeted. To deliver you an amazing towel drying experience. No more compromising on your bathroom design and no more damp towels in your home. Always read the instructions in full before attempting your own installation.

  1. Modify the framework
    The unit needs to sit between the studs in the wall and allow for a power supply.
  2. Double fixing requirements
    For rails wider than 650mm wide we recommend installing two Thermorad panels next to each other.
  3. Fix the Thermorad in position
    Fix the panel flush with the wall frame using the four screws provided.
  4. Sheet the wall & tile
    Complete the wall installation and mount your rail above the Thermorad.

Thermorad Product Details

Stock No.
Themorad In Wall Heating
160 W
Stock Status
In Stock
Control your Thermorad with a Timer, See our available timers Here

Technical Data

Total Width
Heated Width
Total Height
Heated Height
Max. Temperature
10 Years
Lead Length
Design is Patent Pending - 2022201917

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Thermorad panel heat the room?

The Thermorad panel is primarily designed to dry your towels. It works on radiating heat from the wall surface, so the panel would help to take the chill off the room however, this is not the primary purpose of the panel.

Will the heat affect my wall or tile glue?

No, the heat emitted from the panel is not hot enough to affect your tiles or tile glue in the same way Underfloor Heating does not get hot enough to damage your floor.

What temperature does the wall get to?

The wall surface will get to around 30-35 degrees before a towel is placed on the rail. The towel helps to trap the heat and increases the temperature to around 40 degrees.

What is the heat-up time?

This will vary slightly depending on the thickness of your wall however allow 45 minutes to an hour for the wall to heat up and 4-6 hours to dry your towel.

Will any of your timers work with Thermorad?

Yes, any of our rail timers will work with Thermorad. We recommend a timer so that the client can schedule the panel not to run the whole time.

Can Thermorad be used with the dual control thermostat?

Yes, if you have Underfloor Heating then the dual controller is the perfect option for allowing you to control the floor heating and Thermorad panel.

Does the panel include any insulation?

Yes, the rear of the panel includes a 20mm thick non-combustible insulation board designed to push the heat forward to dry the towels. Wall bats could be installed behind the panel for further installation if required.

Does the Thermorad panel have an IP rating?

No, as it is installed in the wall cavity, it is not affected by the electrical zones, so, therefore, it does not require an IP rating. This means it can be installed above a bath or in the shower area.

Is there a particular spot in the wall the panel needs to be installed?

The panel needs to be installed flush with the front face of the stud wall so that there is no air pocket between the panel and the rear of the wall sheeting. The panel needs to be installed just below your towel rail, so the heat is radiating where your towel will be hanging.

What if my stud spacing is not 600mm centres?

You will need to speak to your builder regarding modifying the framework so that the panel fits between the stud work. This is something that they often have to do for other items such as recessed cabinets and shower niches. Alternatively, the stud work can be notched out 25mm to allow for the thickness of the panel to sit in the wall rather than cutting out the stud.

Who installs Thermorad?

Anyone can install the panel itself. Follow the install instructions for mounting the panel. The wiring of the panel will need to be completed by an electrician.

Do I screw my rails into the panel?

No, screw your rails or robe hook above the panel to not damage the heating element. Take measurements of where the panel is installed in the wall before sheeting the wall to mount your rail afterwards without damaging the panel.

Can Thermorad be installed in a solid brick wall?

If the solid brick wall will be tiled or rendered directly onto, the Thermorad panel will not be suitable for installation as the render or tiles cannot be applied directly to the panel. If the brick wall will be sheeted prior to tiling, the brick wall could be recessed to accommodate the panels 25mm depth. The panel would need to be pressed against the back of the wall sheet and allowance would need to be made for fixing the panel in position.

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