Ablaze Mirror Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a range of answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Ablaze Mirror range. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please give us a call.

What is best for cleaning mirrors?

For best results, clean mirrors with methylated spirits and water at a rate of 30% methylated spirits and 70% water. Do not use Windex or similar chemical cleaning products. Avoid getting water on the sides or back of the mirror as damage to the silver backing can occur. In coastal areas, it is recommended to wipe around the edge of the mirror once a month to avoid salt build-up that can cause silver creep.

Can I use a back-lit mirror as the only light in my room?

This depends on the size of the mirror and the size of the bathroom. In most situations, normal overhead lighting should be available in addition to the back-lit mirror.

How is the mirror controlled/operated?

The Contractor back-lit mirrors and the Ablaze magnifying mirrors have a switch on the unit. The premium range of back-lit mirrors do not include a switch on the unit. They are designed to be hard-wired into a simple switch, a programmable timer or a motion sensor.

What is the difference between Cool and Warm light?

Warm lights emit more of a yellowish colour that produces a warm and welcoming atmosphere designed to mimic natural sunlight. Cool lights emit a brighter, white artificial light for a cleaner feel and makes the mirror more functional.

What does it cost to run my Back-lit mirror?

The LEDs on the back-lit range consume minimal energy and running costs are almost negligible. For example, an average-sized mirror

(ie.S900C) will cost only one cent per hour to run. (Based on $0.30 kw/h energy tariff).

How do I select the correct Thermomirror size?

When selecting a demister, you need to ensure that it is smaller than the size of your mirror. In a glue-to-wall application it is important there is a minimum of 100mm all around the demister to allow for adhesion between the mirror and the wall. In a screw-to-wall application, the demister needs to be small enough to ensure that it is out of the way of the screws or mounting brackets. Remember the demister only needs to be where you mainly look and the heat will spread slightly.

How do I operate my demister?

The demister can be connected to the lighting circuit in your bathroom so it operates when your lights are on. Alternatively, it can be connected to a movement sensor located in the bathroom which can also be connected to your lights.

What is the difference between pencil edge & bevel edge mirrors?

A bevel edge mirror has an edge that is cut to an angle. This bevel gives the mirror a framed edge look on the surface. The size of this bevel can vary. A polished edge has a flat edge that is polished to give it a smooth embellished edge.