Can a demister be added to an existing mirror?

Typically a Mirror Demister can work on any mirror and can be added to an existing mirror however it will depend on the type of mirror, how the existing mirror is mounted and if it is possible to get power to the mirror position.

Mirror Types

Mirror demisters are designed to be adhered directly to the back of mirrors. This means that they are not suitable for use on mirrors with a timber backing as the heat will not be able to penetrate through the timber enough and also could cause damage to the timber backing. Demisters also are not suitable for a mirror cabinet door as there is no safe way to do the wiring. However for any standard mirror without any additional backing materials the demister can simply be adhered directly to the mirror back.


Mounting Types

When installing a demister on mirrors with hangers you will need to ensure that the demister fits inside of the hangers as the demister pad can not be cut or bent. When installing a demister with a glue-to-wall mirror it is advisable to leave 100mm spacing around the demister to ensure adequate adhesive between the mirror and the wall. If you have an existing glue-to-wall mirror a mirror demister can’t be retrofitted as this does need to be installed on the back of the mirror.


Power Supply

Thermomirror demister pads are all hardwired units. The majority of the units are 240V so you will need to ensure that you have a 240V main supply or are able to get this to the behind the mirror position. It is also advisable to have these wired to a switch.

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