Can LED mirrors be used as the only source of light?

The short answer is we do not recommend having a LED backlit mirror as the sole source of light in a bathroom. We recommend having overhead lighting in addition to LED Mirrors to create ideal conditions in your space.

While backlit mirrors are not recommended as a sole source of light in a bathroom, we do recommend them for the following reasons

  1. The light is in front of you it does not cause shadows on your face which makes them great for applying makeup, shaving, styling your hair etc without shadows cast by traditional overhead lighting
  2. The soft glow of light that backlighting creates makes sure you always look great
  3. They add a touch of relaxing luxury to your bathroom
  4. Reducing gloom and can make a room seem larger
  5. They use energy efficient LED’s
  6. They are better than a light directly above the mirror which throws strong light on your forehead but causes shadows below your eyes, nose, and chin