Shangri-La Hotel, The Marina, Cairns

The Shangri-La Hotel in Cairns is one of a kind. From your balcony window the outstanding seascape sprawls before you. You recline on the deck chair and gaze upon this immense spectacle of nature from your spacious balcony.

A sight of unparalleled beauty unfolds at Shangri-La Hotel, The Marina, Cairns. As you let your mind wander, sights and sounds of the marina run at the back of your mind. Sunlight dazzles off white yachts docked at the Marlin Marina while others cruise gracefully in the Coral Sea. Spellbound, you marvel at this gateway to a natural wonder.


When its time to head inside you will be pleasantly surprised to see the stunning back lit mirror above the bathroom vanity. Designed to suit the interior of the room and casting out a cool light directly from the mirror, you find it a welcome addition to the new bathroom.What is even more impressive is after your shower you step out, the mirror is totally fog free. The built-in mirror demister ensures this mirror is fog free, no matter how long or warm your shower may be.

Thermogroup designed and developed this backlit mirror to specifically meet the design requirements of the Shangri-La Hotel in order to maintain their global brand presence. Thermogroup were able to provide a sample for approval and then work with the builder to make several additional design improvements to ensure ease of install on site. Thermogroup were still able to deliver the mirrors to meet the tight project deadlines for this hotel refurb.
If you have a project requiring backlit mirrors or you need assistance with specifying a design reach out to our team and we will be happy to develop a solution with you that not only meets your requirements, but goes above and beyond.

Another quality project that is enhanced with a Thermogroup Albaze Backlit Mirror.

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