The Swanston Hotel

Providing an enjoyable and welcoming hotel experience is so crucial and the key to it lies in the detail. Every single touch point during the customers stay has to deliver an experience, whether it be when they arrive, the room service, the room or the smile they receive as they leave.


Having clean modern rooms is such a critical part of the experience. The Swanston Hotel in Melbourne refurbished their bathrooms to ensure they were delivering a wow experience for their guests. The bathroom provides so many opportunities for either a positive or negative guest experience, that it is crucial to get this experience right.Knowing this Swanston focused on the details and inclusions that would deliver a wow experience. Thermogroup are proud to have been able to assist Swanston with the supply of Ablaze Magnified Mirrors and Thermorail Heated Towel Rails. Both of these products are winners to ensure the whole bathroom experience is a positive and memorable one.

Being a renovation, Swanston had an important schedule to keep to involving delivery time frames for each level. Thermogroup worked closely with its distribution partner to deliver the goods when needed ensuring we did not create a bottle neck in the project revamp.

Backed with our warranties these two items will help Swanston deliver a positive experience for years to come and drive their overall business success.

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