Create a design statement with single bar heated towel rails

Single Bar Heated Towel Rails are a great way to create a design statement in your bathroom.

Model Shown: DCF7 x 3

The single bar rails can be installed in any configuration and at your preferred spacing. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in your design, however there are some keys factors that you should consider as part of your design.

Thermogroup have a wide range of styles and sizes available so you want to consider a style that is going to match the rest of the fixtures in your bathroom. You also want to select a size that is suitable for the space available. You can check out the range of single bar rails here

Single Bar Range

Model Shown: DSS6B x 3





Another point you may wish to consider is the finish of the towel rails. Thermogroup offer a variety of options as standard (Including Polished & Brushed Stainless Steel, Matt Black and Satin White), however the single bar towel rails can also be plated to a custom colour to match your tapware.

Model Shown: DSS6 x 13





When considering the number of bars to include in your design, you need to consider how many towels you will be intending to dry and warm with your towel rail. As an absolute minimum we recommend using 3 single bar towel rails to provide enough heated surface area to dry a towel however, the number of rails used is limited only by your imagination and space.


When considering the spacing between each rail, you need to consider the total number of rails you are going to have and the overall space you have available, then select your spacing accordingly. Typical spacing between the single bar towel rails is 200mm.

As the single bar towel rails are 12Volt units they will need to be wired into a transformer (supplied with the rails). The transformer needs to be to be in a location where it is accessible, which would usually be either in the roof above the rails or located in the wall cavity behind a power point or timer. The transformer needs to be no further than two meters from the rails and have adequate ventilation. As the Thermorail single bar range are 12Volt, they can be installed anywhere in your bathroom.

You may also wish to consider selecting a mounting system to assist with the prewiring and spacing of the towel rails before the wall is sheeted. View details on the mounting system here.

Thermorail Mounting System

Check out our range and create your unique rail design in your bathroom