Do I need to maintain my UFH to stop anything failing?

One of the advantages of Underflooring Heating is that there is no required maintenance for the running of the system. Once your floor heating has been installed you can program the schedule for when you want the heating on or off and the temperature that the heating is set to. Besides this there is no moving parts, no filters that need cleaning or anything that needed to be adjusted.

Some people switch their Underfloor Heating off in the electrical board for summer which means they will need to reprogram the heating schedule at the start of each season. However, this is not necessary, the floor heating can be simply turned off using the thermostat and the program will be retained until it is next turned on.

With the question of maintenance sorted many people then ask well what if something does fail? It is very rare that your floor heating system will fail. If something was to fail after a longer period of time it would most likely be the thermostat component. This can be easily replaced without any impact to the room.

If in an extremely rare case and the floor heating was to fail it can  be tracked down to the exact point of failure and the floor covering at that point would need to be lifted. For instance this may be one tile that is lifted and the floor heating repaired. This is a very rare occurrence and if the system has been installed correctly there should be no reason for a fault to occur. In fact we are so confident of this that we back our system with a lifetime warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

With no ongoing maintenance and an extremely minimal chance of the system failing, Underfloor Heating becomes one of the most hassle free floor heating systems. Got more questions about Underfloor Heating? Visit our learn more section to discover why Underfloor Heating is the perfect option for your next bathroom.

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