Features of Thermofoil Under Laminate Heating

Thermofoil PRO is an electric underfloor heating foil designed for floating laminate and engineered timber floor finishes

Bring the luxury feeling of underfloor heating and the simplicity of an electric system to engineered timber, laminate and carpet floors.

Peace of mind warranty

We are so confident in the quality of Thermofoil Pro, we have backed it with a 15 year product warranty, with a 3 year warranty on the thermostats.

Efficient heat exchange foil

The double layer of foil in Thermofoil PRO is specifically designed to protect the heating element and achieve an even spread of heat to the floor above.

Easy cut and return installation

The accessible cable loops are an example of Thermogroup’s product innovations. They make cut and return installation quick and easy while protecting the heating element.

Continuous earth protection braid

Electrical safety is paramount and Thermofoil PRO’s continuous earth braid protection runs the entire length of the heating cable. You can even install it in a bathroom.

Minimal height build-up

The foil system is only 2.5mm thick with a low profile cold tail of only 4mm thick, which can be concealed within the insulation.