How can you stop a bathroom mirror from fogging up?

The fog on your bathroom mirror is the condensation of hot or warm water vapour as it touches the colder surface of the mirror. Even if you run cold water sooner or later, the condensation will still reach your bathroom mirror causing it to fog up still.

The easiest and most practical solution to stop your bathroom mirror from fogging up is to have one of our Thermomirror demister pads installed at the back of the bathroom mirror. The demister will heat the surface of the bathroom mirror slightly to prevent it from fogging up after running a hot bath or shower. The benefit of the Thermomirror demister is there is a large range to suit any size bathroom mirror, or a range of Ablaze Backlit Mirrors with a demister already included. All of our plain mirror ranges are available with demister packages so you can quickly order any mirror with a demister.  


You can view our range of Thermomirror demister pads here or visit your nearest Ablaze stockist bathroom showroom.