How do I turn my underfloor heating on and off?

In most situations, you will need a thermostat to operate the underfloor heating. Thermostats allow you to turn the heating on and off and also set a temperature the heating operates at. Without a thermostat, you will be unable to prevent the cables from heating above the regulation temperature of 28°C.

The thermostat not only allows the heating to be switched on and off but will also allow you to program the heating, so it comes on automatically. A program ensures the room is warm when you need it and that it switches off to ensure that power is not wasted. Controlling underfloor heating on a schedule and with correct thermostat settings helps to save energy and money, while still keeping your room comfortably warm. By setting a comfortable temperature, you can heat your room to the desired temperature and not accidentally overheating your home.

The thermostat is an essential component of the overall underfloor heating system and allows you to have complete freedom and control over your heating.

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