How long will it take for floor heating to warm up?

An underfloor heating system will take anywhere from 30minutes to 4hours to heat up depending on a various factors. The main factors which impact heat up times include:

  • Floor construction
  • Amount of heat loss
  • Level of insulation in the floor and building
  • Thickness & type of floor finish
  • Type of substrate
  • Ambient temperature

Sufficient insulation, under the heating, such as Econoboard will greatly reduce heat up times by reducing the downward heat loss. A well insulated underfloor heating system can be up to 50% more efficient than an uninsulated system.

A table of estimated heat-up times can be seen below, which really highlights the differences between an uninsulated substrate and an insulated substrate. For inscreed application, you will need to allow an additional hour per 25mm of screed for the heat to penetrate.

The first time a system is turned on or if the system is turned on from totally cold, it will take longer to heat up.