How much does Underfloor Heating cost to buy?

When it comes to Underfloor Heating, there are two standout questions that we get asked all the time, both relating to cost. One is around the running cost of Underfloor Heating and the other is around the purchase price of Underfloor Heating. If you haven’t already seen our article on the running costs of Underfloor Heating, you can find it here.

In this article though we are going to explore in more detail the question, how much does Underfloor Heating cost to buy? We will also provide some tips to help you when you are comparing Underfloor Heating quotations from different suppliers.

Several factors impact the buying cost of Underfloor Heating so we will explore these costs and then provide some examples of the purchase costs and include a link to our quoting tool so that you can go ahead and get an estimated price for your application.

What factors influence the purchase cost of Underfloor Heating?

There are several factors to look at here that can affect the purchase price of your Underfloor Heating.

The Total Size

This seems pretty obvious that the more heating you have the more it will cost to buy. There isn’t a lot that you can do about this one, you don’t want to reduce the system size just to save some money and then end up without enough heating to warm the room.

If you are looking at the cost based on the total size of the room, and particularly bathrooms, then your heating cost should actually come out lower. This is due to the fact that we do not run the heating under any floor-mounted fixtures in a bathroom such as a toilet, vanity, or bath which then reduces the heating area.

Likewise in the living or kitchen areas, the floor heating doesn’t run under any counters or benches.

When comparing Underfloor Heating quotations, make sure that both companies have quoted for the same size and wattage system to ensure you are getting an equal comparison. Sometimes suppliers will go downsize more than they need to and whilst this looks good on the quote you end up short-changed on the heating.

The other common difference in bathrooms that causes a variance, is if the heating has been allowed in the shower. To read more about why to run heating in the shower click here.

Type of system

The type of system that you are purchasing will also affect the buying cost of your Underfloor Heating. There are different systems for different floor finishes and floor build-ups so that we can offer a solution for your specific requirements.

Whilst we aim to offer the best system for your needs, there may be a cheaper system that we could use, however, this would typically compromise on either the heat performance or incur associated costs separate to the heating. Let’s give you some examples.

  • Using an under tile system under the screed – this is a common one, whilst the under tile system will work under the screed, it will take a lot longer to warm up so your cost saving to buy will be offset by the longer-term running costs and the less than satisfactory heating performance.
  • Undertile system for under carpet or floating timber floors. Whilst this will definitely be cheaper than our Thermofoil solution, it will mean the heating needs to be covered with self-levelling compound prior to the floor finish being laid which brings in additional costs, extra trades, and time and won’t provide as good a heat performance.

For more information about the best system for your room, check out our blog here.

Always ensure that you are comparing like-for-like systems when comparing quotes as different systems may make a big difference in the initial look of a quote.

The Controller

The controller that you choose or that you are offered will also make a difference to the overall price. There are a variety of controllers in the Thermogroup range and an even wider variety on the market.

The simpler the controller the lower your initial purchase cost will be, for instance, a manual thermostat or a dial thermostat will be your cheapest option however this gives you no programming control over your heating., Being able to program the controller will give you better heating control and help control running costs to save you money in the long run.

A more advanced programming controller will cost more and then there is the option of either a Wi-Fi unit, allowing you to control the heating from your smartphone, or a dual controller which allows you to control your Underfloor Heating & Heated Towel Rail from the same unit. These will increase the overall cost of your Underfloor Heating, however, will give you superior control over your heating.

Always assess the thermostat options when considering Underfloor Heating. Whilst it may increase the cost initially, consider the benefits of being able to program the heating and the ease of control.

Differences in costs between brands

If you are comparing the costs of Underfloor Heating between brands and wondering why some are more expensive than others, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Firstly, consider all the points that we have covered above, what size are they covering, what system type are they using, and what controller are they using.
  • Look at where their system is made, is it made in a reputable country?
  • What is the warranty on offer? Underfloor Heating is going down below the floor, so you want a system that has a warranty that gives you peace of mind.
  • How reputable does the company appear? Look for things like social proof from pictures of installs, customer reviews, website presentations, and the number of resellers offering the product as well as other proof like if they offer an installer program or backup support.
  • What all are they offering, is it a full kit with the system, the thermostat, floor sensor & alarm, or are they missing some key components that you may need?

Some of these points may help you to identify the differences in the cost of buying the Underfloor Heating from between your quotes. Shopping on the price for Underfloor Heating may save you on the initial price however is unlikely to deliver the best heat or experience.

Install & Associated Costs

Lastly, we wanted to discuss the installation and associated costs of Underfloor Heating. Mostly you will be getting someone to install the Underfloor Heating so allow for this cost as well. Install rates do vary a lot, for instance, if your electrician is doing the rest of your electrical installs, he may not charge a high amount as it’s part of his work while onsite. If you get in a specialised installer this may cost slightly more, not always but it may. However, you will have the assurance that it is done correctly. We have included some details on the install rates in our costing examples below.

The other associated cost to consider is the power supply to the heating. This cost varies so much each time that we aren’t able to give you an estimation of the cost. In some cases, with small zones such as a bathroom, they can add heating to the existing circuit. With other areas and particularly larger zones, they need to run a separate circuit. The cost for this varies depending on the ease of running the cable, the location of your board, etc., so speak to your electrician regarding this.


That wraps up our explanations of the key drivers that affect the cost of buying electric Underfloor Heating. Whilst they will have helped you with getting an understanding of the costs, we know that you still want to see some actual numbers so let us give you some examples.

Typical Bathroom

A typical bathroom, or the most common size bathroom that we sell is 3.5m² of Underfloor Heating. Remember this is once all the fixtures have been taken out, so we are talking about the actual heated area. The majority of systems are sold with our standard programmable controller; however, we have also given the prices with a manual dial controller and a dual controller for your reference.

  • 5m² Inscreed Heating Kit with Manual Controller – $689.00
  • 5m² Inscreed Heating Kit with the standard Programable Controller – $789.00
  • 5m² Inscreed Heating Kit with the Dual Controller – $919.00

That’s the price for a bathroom with the 200W/m² system to provide the best heat either above or below a screed. However, we want to show you what it would cost if you used the under tile system, again this could be used above or below the screed but will provide slower heat up at only 150W/m² which means it will cost longer in the long run due to the increased heat up times.

  • 5m² Undertile Heating Kit with Manual Controller – $637
  • 5m² Undertile Heating Kit with the standard Programable Controller – $737.00
  • 5m² Undertile Heating Kit with the Dual Controller – $867.00

Next, we want to look at a 20m² living room with an under-tile system. In this case, we have just given the cost example with the standard programable controller.

  • 20m² of Undertile Heating with the standard programable controller – $2,609.00

Lastly, we wanted to look at 20m² of Thermofoil Under Carpet Heating. In this case, our system is laid between the carpet underlay and the carpet providing the best heat-up times. Most other

companies use an under-tile system and then self-level over the system prior to laying the carpet. This would be cheaper; however, you need to allow for the self-level, which increases costs and increase height build-up, and remember that the heating is below the underlay so the heat is not going to be as effective in heating up through the floor build-up. You can refer to the 20m² of undertile above as a comparison.

  • 20m² of Thermofoil & overlay for use under the carpet with a standard programmable controller – $3,017.00


Well, there you have it, a detailed run-through with examples on the cost of buying Underfloor Heating. We don’t deny that there would be cheaper ways out there to heat your home or that there may be cheaper brands of floor heating.

However, if you want the very best and most comfortable type of heating, that is suited to your floor finish and floor build-up plus comes with an unmatched warranty and backup service then check out our product page or get in touch.

If you want to get a price for your area, check out our quote calculator for a price.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss specifically the purchase cost of your Underfloor Heating, please get in touch.

*Prices listed are valid from 1/3/2022.



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