How much does underfloor heating cost to run?

Many people assume that an electric underfloor heating system is going to be expensive to run. In actual fact, when you consider the fast response times, level of precise control and a tailored, zoned heating schedule, it is a very efficient and cost effective way to heat your home. So how much does floor heating really cost to run?

There is no definite answer as to the cost to run an underfloor heating as every situation is different. Factors that influence the running cost include the level of insulation, type of flooring, the size of the area and the desired running temperature.

Use the below table & our running cost calculator to calculate how much your heating will cost to run. To put this into perspective, a 3.5m2 Thermonet 150W System running for 4 hours a day will cost less than an average takeaway coffee a week.

The following reasonable assumptions have been made to calculate these estimations:
• System is installed in a house built and insulated to current regulations
• 150W/m2 system under a 10mm ceramic tile on 10mm insulation board
• Heat up time is included in the times displayed
• Energy price of 25c/kWh (average price at time of printing)
• A 7 day, 6 event programmable thermostat has been installed
• Floor temperatures set to an efficient 24°C


Try out our running costs calculator for more actual estimated costs based on the underfloor heating installed, heating time and your electricity tariff.


As heat travels equally in all directions, adding a layer of insulation below your heating will improve the efficiency of the underfloor heating system by up to 40% and thus reducing the running cost for you.  To find out more regarding insulation, click here


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