How to choose the most suitable heated towel rail

When renovating your bathroom or designing a new bathroom it is easy to become overwhelmed with the number of choices you need to make. Below are some key points you need to consider when choosing the heated towel that will best suit your needs and that will transform your bathroom experience with the luxury of warm, dry towels.


Points to consider:

One: How many people will use the bathroom?

This will decide the size or number of towel rails you require. Remember a folded towel will dry better on your heated towel rail than an unfolded towel

Two: Type – Hydronic, Liquid Filled or Dry Element?

This will again depend on a few factors, if you have and Hydronic system you can run your rail on the same system reducing running costs but cannot have it on in summer when your hydronic system is off, a hydronic or liquid filled rail is designed to add extra heat to your bathroom but a liquid filled rail will run hotter and use extra power compared to a dry element, a dry element rail can be 240 volt or 12 volt, these use very little power and are designed to run all the time although adding a timer will further reduce your running costs

Three: The design of the rail

Here the choice is yours. Obviously you will want to try tie in with your other bathroom accessories so browse the various designs including round, square flat or curved. Do you like the traditional ladder rails, the heritage look or the modern, minimalist look of the single bar range? ,


do you want a ladder or single bars, maybe a vertical or floor to ceiling rail will add impact to your bathroom or you maybe need to look at a different finish such as black, brushed or a plated rail

Four: Warranty

It is important to consider the quality of the rail; your bathroom will usually only be redone every 10 years so ensure you have a rail with 10-year warranty


Other considerations

Ensure your rail is made of stainless steel they heat better when insulated ensuring your rail is warmer under the towel therefore warming your towel quickly, the wiring options available and the fixing of the rail to the wall

Thermorail has an extensive range of Heated towel rails and one of our consultants can assist you with the correct selection of a heated towel rail

Once you have experienced the comfort of stepping out the shower to a warm towel you will never regret installing one