Solution to a fog free mirror

Does your mirror fog up? The clear solution is a Thermomirror mirror demister pad!

Thermomirror Demister With & Without

A Thermomirror demister pad is an easy way to add that little bit extra luxury and usability to your bathroom. The thin demister pad is adhered to the back of your mirror and gently heats the mirror preventing condensation on your mirror and gives you clear visibility even after a hot bath or shower.

Benefits of Thermomirror Mirror Demister

  • Use your mirror straight after a hot bath or shower and improve your bathroom experience
  • Self-adhesive – simply sticks to the back of your mirror
  • Ultra-thin and unobtrusive to remain discreet yet effective
  • Use multiple pads wired in parallel to cover large mirrors with ease
  • No bulky transformers, simply connect to you existing circuit
  • Moisture resistant and will not deteriorate due to vibration or ageing
  • Economical as it consumes less power than the average light bulb
  • Perfectly safe for use in bathrooms when installed in accordance with local electrical regulations and has an IP54 protection rating

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