Thermochamp Installer Program

Electric Underfloor Heating is a fast-growing product in homes across Australia and provides tradies with a unique install opportunity. Adding installing Underfloor Heating to your skillset allows you to earn additional income and grow your business.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Thermochamp Installer Program. This program provides you with the training, tools and support to empower you to install Electric Underfloor Heating.

Join our team of certified installers to maximise the opportunities that Underfloor Heating offers.


Become a member, grow your skills, and grow your business.

How our Thermochamp Program helps you

Online Thermochamp Video Training

Our online videos provide detailed training on each of our Underfloor Heating systems, the key rules for installing Underfloor Heating and much more. These videos provide a great reference for you and your team. Along with the videos, there are three quizzes based directly on the video content for you to complete

Online Thermochamp Portal

Our online Thermochamp Portal is a unique Installer Hub from Thermogroup. By becoming a Thermochamp Installer you gain access to this portal which includes how-to videos, quick & easy warranty registrations, quick quote requests, online tools, technical support and much more!