Thermonet: The Leading Underfloor Heating System

For over 20 years, Thermonet has been a leading Underfloor Heating system and continues to be the go to for resellers, installers and homeowners. We would like to unpack some of the features of Thermonet that we have perfected after years of being the experts in the field.

Check out our 4-minute product unpack video, or check several of the key highlights below.

Lifetime Warranty
Our Underfloor Heating is manufactured in the
United Kingdom and is the only system on the
market that offers a Lifetime Warranty.


Cable Already Attached to Self Adhesive Mesh
• Ensures even and consistent cable spacing
• Mesh holds the cable to the substrate
• Mesh protects cable whilst laying floor finish
• Helps to provide a fast and easy installation


Fully Waterproof – Safe for use in the shower
Cable is IP68 Rated – Fully Waterproof
• Use in shower to dry floor to:
• Reduce slip hazard
• Reduce the likelihood of mold buildup & grout decolouring

150W & 200W – All applications
150W | Use for directly below the floor finish in
areas outside of the bathroom

200W | Use for below tiles or screed in the


Twisted Twin Cable
The unique design of the cable minimises the
likelihood of damage, hence the lifetime

It also ensures zero electromagnetic field,
the system is EMF Free.


Includes roll of cloth tape
All mats are provided with a roll of cloth tape to:
•Fix down any loose runs of cable
• Fix down the cold tail
• Fix down any edges of the mat if required