Thermowire Underfloor Heating System


Lifetime Warranty
Our Underfloor Heating is manufactured in the United Kingdom and is the only system on the market that offers a Lifetime Warranty.


Undertile heating
The thin profile of Thermowire means that it can be installed in the layer of tile glue therefore not adding any additional height to your floor build up. It can also be covered with a layer of self-levelling compound to allow it to be used in conjunction with other floor finishes.


Rapid heat up time

With the Thermowire cable installed directly below the tiles you will experience rapid warmth to your floors.


Fully Waterprrof – Safe for use in the shower

Cable is IP68 Rated – Fully Waterproof

Use in Shower to dry floor to:
• Reduce slip hazard
• Reduce the likelihood of mold buildup & grout decolouring


Variable output Underfloor Heating

The cable system allows you to space the
heating cables yourself to achieve a desired layout and heat output per m². For larger
areas directly undertile we would recommend an output of 150W/m² and for bathrooms,
either above or below the screed, we would
recommend an output of 200W/m².Ideal for irregular shaped areas.

The layout is totally flexible and can be
designed to fit around furniture and fixtures
in small or irregular shaped rooms.


Twisted Twin Cable
The unique design of the cable minimises the
likelihood of damage, hence the lifetime

It also ensures zero electromagnetic field,
the system is EMF Free.


Thermowire loose wire systems are supplied with a roll of cloth tape for taping the cable to the substrate.
DownWe mark the ½ way point of the cable to help the installer to ensure he is on track with his spacing
of the cable and Thermowire features a 5metre cold tail to ensure an easier install.