Understanding Magnified Mirrors

Magnified mirrors are designed to allow you to zoom in on your face to give greater visibility for when shaving or applying makeup. Magnified mirrors are available in various magnified levels, the higher the level of magnification the greater the close-up detail the mirror provides.

The level of magnification is caused by the concave shape of the mirror. The concave shape of the mirror concentrates the light beams, intensifying the light beams as it gets closer to the focal point therefore providing you with the close up magnified views.

Magnified mirrors are available with light around the outside of the magnified mirror surface. This light is designed to shine onto your face to further assist your visibility. The other advantage of the light is that it allows you to view your self in the actual light colour, whether that be a warm light, more yellow colour, or a cool light, more cool colour.

When choosing a magnified mirror consider the level of zoom you want to receive of your self when using the mirror. Common levels of magnification include 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10 times. Consider the size of the magnified and then how close you want to be able to look at yourself.

The other point to consider is the strength of your eyesight. The better your eyesight the lower the level of magnification that you may need. However don’t just consider your eyesight now, particularly if you are slightly older it may be worth considering what your eyesight may be like in a few years time.

If your eyesight is on the poorer side, then a mirror with light would be a good option as this will assist with better visibility. This can be tricky if you aren’t doing renovations to your bathroom as you will need to get power to the unit. If you are unable to get a power supply then a non-lit option would be the way to go as this can be retrofitted at any time.

Also, consider your bathroom design and style and try to find a unit that will best fit your home. This way the magnified mirror can blend in with your room whilst acting as an important bathroom accessory.

Another important point to bear in mind is that as the level of magnification increases you will need to get closer to the mirror to get a clear reflection. This is due to the increased concave of the mirror which means the image will be distorted, or may even appear upside down, until you are close to the mirror, allowing it to come into focus.

From our experience we know the tricky part with selecting a mirror is know what level of magnification so considering all that we have already said, we have put together so further information on the specific magnification levels below.

Ablaze Lit Magnifying Mirror

2x Magnification

This magnification level only minimally increases image size. The 2x magnifying mirror is commonly used for shaving and quick touch-ups. With good vision, you won’t see much difference, so you might decide to go higher.

3x Magnification

Three times magnification is one of the most common magnification levels. Providing a slightly higher level of magnification then 2x, it provides a reasonably enhanced view of your face without zooming right into a small level of detail. Good for any eyesight.

5x Magnification

A 5x level of magnification is the second most popular magnification level. It is very popular for makeup application, and perfect for putting on contacts. It provides a close-up view of your face allowing you to attend to the small details.

8x Plus Magnification

These high levels of magnification provide you with a really close up view of your face and as a result less of an overall zoom on your face. These mirrors are ideal for allowing you to attend to small details. With this level of magnification, you will have to have your face quite close to the mirror to get a clear view because of the depth of the concave.