What is a copper-free mirror?

Whether you are building a brand-new home or it is just simply time for a bathroom upgrade, the bathroom mirror is an important accessory. There are quite a few options when it comes to mirrors. If you are considering a mirror, it is always best to consider a copper-free mirror and here is everything you need to know about a copper-free mirror.


How are mirrors made?

To start off, it is best to discuss the process for making a mirror. A sheet of specially treated silver is coated on quality float glass. The reflective coating traditionally is a blend of copper and silver. The copper can then tarnish or brown over time which is when you can see brown/black corrosion develop on the mirror, starting from the edges. This has developed overtime hence the life expectancy of a copper mirror is around 12 to 24 months. This is obviously dependent on a mirrors location and high humidity or coastal settings can dramatically reduce the life of the mirror.

A copper free mirror is made through a chemical sedimentation process. As traditionally a sheet of specially treated silver is coated on quality float glass, followed by a sheet of special metal film instead of copper and this is then finished with two layers of paint for chemical and physical protection. Using a lead-free paint can produce a copper free and lead free high quality mirror.


Why are copper free mirrors better?

The main benefit of copper free mirrors is the reduced corrosion. As discussed above, this is the rusting that appears beneath the surface of the coating and once this appears there nothing that can be done to get rid of it. Copper free mirrors are 3 times more resistance to corrosion than traditional mirrors. Other than the benefits of longer longevity of the mirror, copper free mirrors are also better for the environment. Without the harmful chemicals such as copper sulfate and lead in the manufacturing process, the production of these mirrors are significantly less harmful to the environment.


What mirrors are copper free?

There is no way to tell by looking at a mirror if it is copper free. Sometimes this will be printed on the backing of the mirror. The best way to ensure a mirror is copper free is to ask the manufacturer or distributor of the product. Thermogroup’s Ablaze Premium Backlit, contractor and signature range mirrors are all copper free mirrors to ensure these mirrors stand up to customer expectations