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Vario Pro

In Action
  • Vario Pro
  • Uncoupling and heating in one
  • The same unique TwistedTwin

The Underfloor heating and uncoupling solution for tiled floors

Reasons for Vario PRO

  • Flexible underfloor heating layout
  • Uncoupling membrane
  • Waterproofing properties
  • Only 5.5mm buildup
  • Lifetime warranty

Vario PRO Combines our TwistedTwin electric underfloor heating cable with Vario ProMat uncoupling membrane for the ultimate fast track floor preparation with a buildup of Just 5.5mm

Under Floor heating

Vario PRO Brings underfloor heating and uncoupling technology together in one fast track solution

Save time by preparing your substrate and installing electric underfloor heating all in one hit!

Uncoupling membrane

Vario ProMat is an uncoupling membrane and crack isolating system with under tile heating.

Vario PRO makes it possible to install tiles and electric underfloor heating on difficult substrates

A watertight solution

Seal the edges, room corners and any penetrations with Vario PRO sealing tape to create a water tight wetroom floor quickly and easily.

Add an underfloor heating cable for extra comfort and luxury!

Stock No. Product Name Output (W)Size (M)Area (M2) Price
109012 Vario PRO Cable 150 12.0 1.14 $349.00
109018 Vario PRO Cable 225 18.0 1.71 $379.00
109025 Vario PRO Cable 300 25.0 2.38 $439.00
109031 Vario PRO Cable 375 31 3.04 $479.00
109037 Vario PRO Cable 450 37 3.52 $579.00
109062 Vario PRO Cable 750 61 5.80 $939.00
109050 Vario PRO Cable 600 50 4.75 $719.00
109075 Vario PRO Cable 900 75.0 7.13 $1,049.00
109100 Vario PRO Cable 1200 100 9.50 $1,395.00
109125 Vario PRO Cable 1500 125 11.88 $1,639.00
109150 Vario PRO Cable 1800 125 14.25 $1,929.00
109200 Vario PRO Cable 2000 200.0 19.00 $2,759.00
109500 Vario ProMat Uncoupling Membrane - 15 x 1.0 15 $999.00
109510 Vario PRO Sealing Tape - 50 - $179.00

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Electric underfloor heating and uncoupling system

Vario Pro is the original patented system that combines electric underfloor heating cables with an uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing membrane

With Vario PRO you can prepare difficult substrates, prevent uncoupling or delamination and install a flexible electric under floor heating system all in one hit!

Applying a Vario PRO uncoupling membrane combined with electric underfloor heating gives the installer and end user a cimplete professional flooring solution

The floor will be warm and comfortable, thanks to the electric underfloor heating and because of the uncoupling membrane, the installer knows there will be no uncoupling or cracking issues later down the line

The electric underfloor heating system

Vario Pro electric underfloor heating uses our unique quality TwistedTwin underfloor heating cable that can be installed in the uncoupling membrane to provide gentle warmth in the desired areas. This is an efficient and luxurious way to heat a bathroom or any room with a tiled floor

Easy Installation

Vario Pro is easy to install. Fix the uncoupling membrane to the floor using a flexible tile adhesive and then lay the electric underfloor heating cable into the groves in thematting until you've covered the desired area. Tiles can be laid directly over hte uncoupling membrane and underfloor heating cable.

All the benefits in one fast rack solution

The heating cable has an output of 12W/Lm and will provide 130W/m² when spaced at 3 row.

Vario Pro brings you all the benefits of an electric underfloor heating and flooring together to provide a truly innovative and exciting product innovation.

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